Keil’s Bar in Bellevue, IA

Visiting family and friends in Bellevue I was informed that this little river town has a new bar. Located on main street in Bellevue, Keil’s was refreshing from the usual wide opened bar, small beer list, and loud music that usually accompanies most of Bellevue’s watering holes. This bar is different. A small, quaint bar, nicely decorated, only serving peanuts for food, and best of all, a really good beer selection. Of course they have the usual light beers, but also on the menu were many stouts, wheats, IPAs, pale ales, and porters. A fresh change of pace and a place I recommend if you are ever in Bellevue, IA. Best of all, right across the street is some damn fine BBQ.


One thought on “Keil’s Bar in Bellevue, IA

  1. Slim says:

    This place is legit. Like iabeerbarron said, surprisingly good beer selection for a small town bar. It’s usually a laid back atmosphere but unfortunately it’s right beside a local bar full of busch light drinking tools; so if you go you just have to hope that they don’t decide to mosey on over and cheapen the experience.

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