Beer Review #10: Anchor Steam Beer

Just bought a six pack of Anchor Steam beer, haven’t had it in quite a while. Anchor brewing ( is located in San Francisco and was one of the first microbreweries to get the craft beer revolution started. Iowa residents will probably recognize the man behind Anchor, Fritz Maytag. Maytag is from the same family that produces the nationally known Maytag Blue Cheese located in Newton, Iowa. He moved to San Fran and bought Anchor and turned it into what it is today. Some Iowa roots located on the west coast.
Pour:Deep amber pour with a thick creamy head.
Aroma: Malts, yeast, and floral hops.
Taste: Flavor of malts, caramel, and citrus hops.
Overall: A very enjoyable beer to sit and enjoy. A little bit of bitterness that rounds out the sweet flavors of the malts. A good session beer.

Eastern Iowa residents: I’ve seen this beer throughout Eastern Iowa. Hy-Vee, good liquor stores, and sometimes even small town grocers have had this in their selection. Give it a shot.


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