Beer Review #9: Amstel Light

A beer I drank for a long time but haven’t much of late since I’ve been focusing on drinking micro/craft beer was Amstel Light. Amstel Light ( is a light beer with only 3.5 a.b.v. It is brewed in the Netherlands and has that somewhat distinct skunk flavor that Heineken has but not to that extent. A little skunkiness but also somewhat refreshing.
Pour:Lighter gold with solid white head.
Aroma: Skunkiness smell.
Taste: Crisp clean flavor with not much finish.
Overall: If you are one of those people who only drink light beers, then I would recommend this. If you are more adventureous, there is much more offered out there than this.

Eastern Iowa residents: This beer is available pretty much anywhere. Don’t buy this, spend your money on a Millstream product and support the local brewer.


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