Brewpub Review #1: Potosi Brewing Company; Potosi, WI

A friend and I just came back from Potosi Brewing Company in Potosi, WI. With a town of 750 people we didn’t expect a whole lot from this brewery. Man, were we wrong. This place was absolutely stunning. The brewpub was beautiful and beer was very good. I enjoyed their IPA and their Belgian Wit. I thought the IPA was excellent and the Wit was very good. The food was excellent and looking at the decor we both were thrilled that we drove the 20 minutes from Dubuque to enjoy this place. If you are coming down from Wisconsin or heading from Eastern Iowa up into Wisconsin get off of 151 at Highway 62 and follow that road for about 10-15 miles and make sure to visit the town of Potosi and the Potosi Brewing Company. A great experience!


One thought on “Brewpub Review #1: Potosi Brewing Company; Potosi, WI

  1. Slim says:

    A classmate and I did a video tour of this brewery; learned some neat things about beer/microbrews in general. We did an awful job of editing and the final cut of our video did not feature the audio being synced with the visual. This made for a very confusing presentation and a poor grade on the project. BUT…none of that should take anything away from what a great brewery and museum this place is!

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