Beer Review #27: Goose Island IPA

A brewery that constantly puts out great beer is Goose Island ( One of my favorites is their IPA.  A hop lover’s dream, this one packs a major hop punch but is still very smooth and delicious. Another great thing is that it is very affordable and available all around the Eastern Iowa location. I have yet to actually visit Goose Island, but have heard nothing but great things about it.


POUR: Dark orange color pour with a thick white head.
AROMA: Smell of hops and citrus is very evident.
TASTE: Citrus taste with hop bitterness that mellows out at the end.
OVERALL: B+     

EASTERN IOWA RESIDENTS: Available almost everywhere. $8 for a six pack and every bottle will be well worth it. An underrated IPA.


One thought on “Beer Review #27: Goose Island IPA

  1. G-LO says:

    Just had a Goose Island Sofie last night. Goose Island is a new brewery for me. If their other beers are as good as the Sofie, then I’ll have to track down more of their stuff!


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