Beer Review #26: Red Stripe

Early on in my beer drinking days I always thought that this was a treat. Once you start to develop a taste for other beers you realize that stuff you drank early on is actually beer that doesn’t need to exist. Not to knock on Red Stripe (, because on hot Summer day it is pretty satisfying, but compared to some of the beers that are available out there now this doesn’t even come close. Very watered down and the price tag for a six pack is close to $9 which is ridiculous.
I think the best thing about this beer is the commercials on TV.


POUR: Hazy yellow pour with minimal head.
AROMA: Smell is somewhat grainy/grassy. Not nearly as skunky as Corona.
TASTE: Not really a distinct taste. It isn’t bad, but nothing really sticks out.
OVERALL: D+       

EASTERN IOWA RESIDENTS: Available almost everywhere. With a $9 price tag you would think you would be treating yourself with something special but avoid it and get a really good beer for the $9 or even less.


4 thoughts on “Beer Review #26: Red Stripe

  1. G-LO says:

    Much like Corona, I’d lump Red Stripe into the “destination beer” category, i.e. it’s great if you’re having it on a beach in Mexico or Jamaica, but it’s not really great at all. Red Stripe does have a cool bottle though! And I did buy a six-pack when I had dinner at the Jamaica Jerk Hut in Philly a couple summers ago. But like you said, once you start having interesting beers, it’s tough to go back to the mediocre stuff.


  2. MGP says:

    I picked up a sixer of this not too long ago. I hadn’t tried it since college and honestly couldn’t remember what it tasted like. I was pretty disappointed. Kind of a funky, sweet taste that really doesn’t sit well in aftertaste. As iabeerbaron mentioned, about the only thing remarkable about Red Stripe is their marketing. Great commercials. Bad beer.

  3. The Wookie says:

    I’ll agree with G-lo on this one that Red Strip, is a “destination beer” and like most beers price and freshness have an effect on enjoyment. At $9 for a six and after it’s long journey to Iowa I am not surprised at your D+ rating. However when I was drinking this fresh in the heat Virgin Islands last summer at $4 for a six it was refreshing and fun. When it is 90 deg. at 110% humidity in the islands I’ll reach for a Red Strip, Sol, Carib, or Banks Lager over the complex craft brew I normally enjoy at home.

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