Beer Review #36:Ale Asylum Hopalicious

The beer that transformed me into a hophead was Ale Asylum’s Hopalicious ( I am a huge fan of Ale Asylum beers and if you are ever in the Madison area you must check out the brewpub. Very good food, a tour (I missed out on that part of it) and lots of great beer. I love their Bedlam! beer and Hopalicious ranks right up there with Bedlam. This considered a pale ale, but I would say a little more hoppy than most regular pales. This is a must try for pale ale fans and hop heads alike, unfortunately Ale Asylum only distributes (right now anyway) in Wisconsin. The great thing about being in Eastern Iowa is having Wisconsin right next to us so we can go up and drink all their great beer. 
POUR: Amber color pour with a nice thick white head.
AROMA: Hops stick out with that great citrus smell.
TASTE: Great citrus/hop flavor that has bitterness but is very smooth at the end.

EASTERN IOWA RESIDENTS: I’ve only seen this in Wisconsin. Hopefully they will make their way a little closer to us. Anyone wanna take a trip up north for some brew let me know!

3 thoughts on “Beer Review #36:Ale Asylum Hopalicious

  1. Slim says:

    This beer is spectacular, second to none! Quite a find by the beerbaron. The Badgers may not have been able to win the Rose Bowl but a nice consolation is that they get to come back to Madison which has several awesome breweries. Don’t know if Fort Worth can say the same…

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