Beer Review #37: Goose Island Oatmeal Stout

It is the time of year for stout beers and another one of my favorites comes from Goose Island.  ( Goose Island Oatmeal stout is a very smooth, creamy, and drinkable stout. Flavor of oats, chocolate, and coffee stick out in this beer. Another thing that makes it great is that it is very affordable.  This brewery keeps sending out great beers. Their Honker’s Ale, IPA, Matilda, Mild Winter, and Nut Brown are all very good and easy drinking beers. If you haven’t tried any Goose Island yet, make that your New Years Resolution.

POUR: Dark black pour with a huge tan head.
AROMA: Smell of oats, chocolate, and coffee.
TASTE: Very smooth, flavor like the smell; oats, chocolate and coffee.

EASTERN IOWA RESIDENTS: I’ve seen this beer in many places. My local grocery store carries it occassionally and I know Johns and Hy-Vee have it.

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