Craft Breweries in Iowa

Since my blog is dedicated to finding good beer in Eastern Iowa, I thought it would be a good idea to list and talk about some the Iowa made beers. I was pretty surprised after researching this how many places there actually are in Iowa to find some good beer and I hope that list continues to grow.
Ever since Peace Tree ( has arrived in Iowa City I have found myself growing more and more attached to their products. Their Hop Wrangler IPA and their Double IPA are must trys for Hop Heads and I can’t wait to try their Gumbo Stout. I visited their website and noticed they have more beers on tap at their taproom. I really need to make a trip over to this place, I’m afraid once I get there I won’t want to leave.
*Ottumwa, IA- Appanoose Rapids Brewing Company –
*Janesville, IA- Briar Creek Brewing Company –
*Des Moines, IA – Court Avenue Brewing Company – – **A must try! Great place, great beer!*
*Stanley, IA- Hub City Brewing Company –
*Knoxville, IA- Peace Tree Brewing Company – **I love you Peace Tree!**
*Fort Madison – Lost Duck Brewing Company-
*Newton, IA – Madhouse Brewing Company – – **Their Pasttime Pale Ale is good!**
*Amana, IA – Millstream Brewing Company- – Great beers!
*McGregor, IA – Old Man River Brewing Company –
*Ames, IA – Old Main Brewing Company –
*Des Moines, IA – Raccoon River Brewing Company –
*Cedar Rapids, IA- Third Base Brewing Company –
*Decorah, IA – Toppling Goliath Brewing Company –

If you have visited any of these places please post a comment about your experience! Support your local craft brewery!

If I missed any please let me know!

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