Beer Review #45: Boulevard Pilsner

I have to credit Boulevard Brewing ( with getting me into the craft beer scene with their Wheat beer. I always like to try their new releases and their beers are something I know I will enjoy if I can’t decide on another beer.
Let me first say that if you are new to craft beer and had been drinking light beers all the time, then Pilsner styles might be a good transition to the craft beer scene.
With Boulevard Pilsner, this is what American Pilsner should be. A straw colored beer, aroma of grass and malts. Flavor on the lightside with a little hop at the end. Not bad. However, I’ve recently been addicted to Sam Adams Noble Pils which is my favorite American Pilsner out there.
: Deep golden,straw colored pour with nice white head.
AROMA: Grassy, malty smell.
TASTE: Flavor of malts, yeast, and hops at the end.

EASTERN IOWA RESIDENTS: See this more often now, and the price tag has been anywhere from $6-$8. A great transitional beer and very easy drinking. Try this and then make sure you try Sam Adams Noble Pils.

One thought on “Beer Review #45: Boulevard Pilsner

  1. MGP says:

    I am drinking one of these right now. Good beer when you’re in the mood for something lighter and wanna pound a few. If they come out with this in cans then I will crush it on my forehead when I am done with it. The Andy Hunter “break the bottle over the head” is not advisable.

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