Beer Review #46: Capital Brewery Maibock

This review should have a big *asterisk* next to it because I’m reviewing a style of beer that I have never been fond of, so if it comes off as unfair or off the mark it’s because I’m not a big Bock or Maibock drinker. Capital makes pretty good beer, located in Middleton, WI, most of their beers are available in Eastern Iowa. The Maibock beer is available from February to June.
This beer was just too sweet for me, a bready/honey sweetness that I just couldn’t get by. Not enough hoppy bitterness to overcome that overlysweet taste. I won’t discount Capital for this beer and am looking forward to trying some of their others.

: Golden orange pour with thick white head.
AROMA: Fruity (apples, pears), yeast, sweet honey smell.
TASTE: Flavor of malts, fruit, and dominantly sweet

RESIDENTS: John’s Grocery and Hy-Vee carry multiple Capital products.

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