Beer Review #54: Dogfish Head Theobroma

One of the hottest breweries in America is Dogfish Head. This brewery has become so sought after that they have had to pull out of many states because of increased demand and they can’t pump out enough of their wonderful beer. I had the opportunity to purchase some of their product while I was in Madison, WI; since then, they have had to pull out of that state also, which really really sucks because they don’t distribute to Iowa or Wisconsin.
Like most of their beers, it has a really nice back story that is too long for me to type out, so check out their site ( to get more info. The beer is very unique; it is brewed with cocoa powder, honey, chilies, and annatto (a fragrant tree seed). The flavor is somewhat sweet with a little bit of the cocoa and chilie coming through but not as much as I thought it would or as much as I wanted it to. It is very refreshing and very drinkable, at 9% abv you have to careful though.
Recommendation: With the demand so high, I highly recommend that any time you get a chance to try anything made by Dogfish you have to go for it, no matter the price or the style. Everything you will try from them will be unique and 9 times out of 10 will be very good.
 Pour: Orange pour with a medium white head.
Aroma: Aroma was somewhat floral, a little chocolate smell, and a little sweet fruit smell.
Taste: Lots of tastes going on with this beer. You get the sweetness of the honey, a little bit of chocolate and then at the end minimal heat from the chilie.
Eastern Iowa Residents:You have to get on ebay or drive to a state that distributes their brew. Check out this link to find the nearest place that distributes Dogfish ( The next time you go out of state for a vacation, hit up a liquor store and see if they have dogfish.

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