Denver Beer Trip: Day 3

Day 3 in Denver started off a little sluggish. Most of us were recovering from a night of drinking and got off to a slow start. I think we were lucky making it in time for the first pitch of the Rockies/Cardinals game at 1 that afternoon but we got there and it was awesome. We got some sort of luxury suite, priced around $70, that sounds expensive but it was worth it. Sat on the first base line, a perfect view, if it got to warm we could go in to the air-conditioned suite and enjoy some good brew, and good food. Never had to wait in line for a piss either which is always a plus. I spent most of the game drinking Oskar Blues Dale Pale Ale. I did try the Sandlot brewing, (which is brewed at Coors) Amber ale, but found it unremarkable and switched back to Dales. We saw a great 4-2 game and then we were off to my sought after destination; Great Divide Brewery.
Great Divide is located just down the block from Coors Field and it fills up quick for a game. We were able to secure a nice table outside and enjoy the weather while sipping on a nice Chocolate Yeti. This being my second trip to Denver, I think Great Divide is my favorite place to enjoy a beer. After the chocolate Yeti I switched to a light and refreshing raspberry ale. Great Divide doesn’t serve food but there was a food truck parked right outside their doors that was serving people constantly.

After Great Divide we refreshed a bit at the hotel and then were off to Rock Bottom Brewery. There beers did not impress as much as other places we had stopped but I was impressed with the sweet setup of a pour your own beer table. We sat at a table where you actually dispensed your own brew. They keep track by the ounces poured I believe. This could have gotten out of hand but we handled it pretty well and didn’t get too overboard. The highlight of this stop was the shrimp and lobster tacos that we ordered. Easily one of the best meals of the trip and something I could eat on a day-to-day basis.

After this the night is pretty much a blur. All in all a great day, Great Divide was the highlight for me. One night left to go!

NEXT UP DAY 4: Wynkoop, another trip to the mountains

One thought on “Denver Beer Trip: Day 3

  1. MGP says:

    Man, those lobster and shrimp tacos were outstanding. Mmmmmm….

    Falling Rock’s battered mushrooms and then the tacos would make for a perfect meal. Maybe a beer or two as well.

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