Denver Beer Trip: Day 2!

Day 2 in Denver started out with a trip to the mountains. My first time going up in the mountains and it was a great sight! Awesome scenery and really cool towns a long the way. We stopped in Frisco, CO which is not to far from Breckenridge. We had breakfast at the Butterhorn Bakery ( which might be the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Two poached eggs in a croissant with avocado, ham, and a roasted red pepper sauce. Great meal! We then decided to stop in for a quick beer at Back Country Brewery ( We arrived a little before opening but the bartender was cool enough to let us in for a quick pint. I went with their IPA which was pretty good and refreshing.
After we picked up our buddy from the airport we relaxed a bit and then it was off to Falling Rock Tap House! This place is well-known for their huge tap selection, but I was really impressed with their homemade food. I loved their hand-battered homemade mushrooms and the club sandwich I ordered was great. Oh, yeah, their beer selection is second to none as the hardest part of ordering there is trying to narrow your choices. After Falling Rock we hit a couple of bars by the stadium and then called it a night. Great time on day 2!

Next Up: Coors Field, Great Divide Brewery, Rock Bottom Brewery!

2 thoughts on “Denver Beer Trip: Day 2!

  1. Will says:

    If you’re still in town, you have to go to Wynkoop, the granddaddy of all Colorado craft breweries. It’s only a couple of blocks from Falling Rock, Sports Column, etc. Being a craft beer lover who works in, and lives near downtown Denver, I can give you some leads on some great places to visit! Just let me know here in your comments, or visit my blog and drop me a line there. Enjoy your stay in Colorado!

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