Lunch Review: Lincoln Cafe; Mount Vernon, IA

A place that is constantly mentioned as one of the best places in Eastern Iowa to eat is in my town of Mount Vernon, Iowa called Lincoln Cafe. ( Here’s the description from their website:

“Lincoln Café is a small independent restaurant serving food in a way that makes us, and hopefully you, happy. We cook what we like to eat and source local and organic whenever possible. We’re friends with our farmers. We like to call it “honest food.”

That said, we also enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in high end dining and hopefully a harmonious mix of those two things finds its way onto your plate.


Lincoln Café was opened in 2001 by Matt Steigerwald after moving to Iowa from North Carolina. Before that he ran and/or cooked in several restaurants including Magnolia Grill in Durham, Vertigo in Raleigh and Helen’s in Richmond.

Chef de Cuisine:
A native of Cedar Rapids, Andy Schumacher entered the culinary world in NYC attending the French Culinary Institute and working in the City’s restaurant scene. He moved back to the area in late 2007 and started working at the Café. He now is chef de cuisine and heads up the Lincoln’s charcuterie program.”

ONTO LUNCH: My wife and I recently dined there for lunch after numerous supper visits. They had two specials on the board and I ordered one of them which was a cajun shrimp sandwich. I ordered this with fries (an extra $1.50 but worth it). The shrimp were massive and lightly battered with a great seasoning, the cajun mayo was fantastic and the super soft bun they served it on topped off a great lunch. Their fries are homemade/handcut and are terrific.
My wifes’ meal was a BLT with an avocado mayo. Tons of crisp bacon and the avocado mayo was superb. All in all a great meal, a very affordable lunch that left you satisifed instead of hitting up the local fast food pit. I highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner.

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