Beer Review #61: Sam Adams Coastal Wheat

STYLE: Wheat Ale

ABV: 5.3%

PURCHASED AT: Hy-Vee Liquor store; Marion, IA

Sam Adams continues to make very good craft beer. Lately the word craft isn’t being attached to the Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams makers) because of the number of batches of beer that the brewery puts out; but to me, as long as they continue to use high-end, hard to find ingredients, and don’t sell-out to the big corporations, they are definitely craft beer.
The Coastal Wheat is another beer that could be considered one to drink for this who are still trying to venture into the world of craft beer. My first craft beer experience and the one that got me into craft beer, was Boulevard Wheat. This is similar to the Boulevard with less citrus and more resemblance to a German Hefeweizen. Really great on a hot day with the flavor of lemons and the wheat malt combining nicely. Give it a try!

Pour: Hazy gold pour with a nice thick white head. Lacing sticks nicely to the glass.
Aroma: What and lemon citrus smell.
Taste: You get the citrus flavor followed by the wheat malt; nice and smooth.
Overall: C
Eastern Iowa Residents: Purchased at my local Hy-Vee. I’ve seen some Hy-Vees that do not have this beer but most do; any good liquor store would carry it.
Would I Buy Again?: Yes, easy drinking and refreshing; perfect for the beach or after mowing the lawn. Price tag on mine was $7.99 for a sixer; not bad.
Let me know if you try this and what your thoughts are!!

One thought on “Beer Review #61: Sam Adams Coastal Wheat

  1. SimpleP says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more about Sam Adams. Who decided that quantity determines whether a brewery produces craft beer? Sam Adams continues to promote homebrewers with their Longshot competition, and they consistently innovate and deliver unique quality beers. And Coastal Wheat is one of my favorite go-to beers. Crisp, refreshing, full flavored, and unique to Sam Adams. The best part is that it’s available year round. Great post!

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