Restaurant Guest Review by Slim: Mullets; Des Moines, IA

Restaurant Review #2 by sLiM

Mullets-Des Moines, IA

A place that I’ve grown fond of during my time in Des Moines is Mullets. It is located very close to Principal Park. So a meal at Mullet’s followed by an I-Cubs game makes for a good night. Des Moines has more unique places to eat than most would think at first. The key is to stay on the east side away from West Des Moines and Ankeny where it’s almost all chains.

Mullet’s has a diverse menu which has a little something for everyone but also includes some unusual but tasty offerings like the Strawberry Gouda Turkey and the Sandberg (polish sausage stuffed with swiss cheese, wrapped in bacon and then fried). It has a nice selection of seafood but also has a wide variety of excellent specialty pizzas. I tried the Southsider which has Graziano’s Italian sausage (locally made) combined with a mix of veggies. We also had the Waikiki (sweet chili sauce, pineapple, bacon, Canadian bacon, and mozzarella cheese) which was one of the most tasty and clever combinations I have ever tried.

Most of all, the overall environment is what makes this place top notch. It has a two-level outdoor patio that has a great view of the river, Principal Park, and Downtown Des Moines.  It is a very casual atmosphere and the wait staff is cool and friendly. The only average thing about this place is the beer selection (although they do have Bell’s Two Hearted). I was able to enjoy some Ranger IPA’s which went down well on a warm summer night. I have always had a great experience when I have come here. I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re in the metro area. El Bait Shop is also in the neighborhood; another sLiM hot spot that features the best selection of draft beers in all of Iowa and possibly the Midwest. A review for that fine establishment will likely follow…

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