Beer Review #67: Samuel Adams Octoberfest

The first thing you notice when pouring a Sam Adams Octoberfest is the color; a deep amber pour that goes perfect with the season. This may be the beer that is synonymous with Octoberfest beers for the new craft beer drinker and rightfully so as Sam Adams once again impresses with this fall seasonal. They may be big business for craft beer, but there is no denying that Sam Adams brings their best with 95% of their offerings. I was disappointed with their Blackberry Wit and maybe their Cranberry Lambic just isn’t for me, but for the most part they give top quality options to craft beer drinkers in every market.

Style: Octoberfest/Marzen

ABV: 5.3%

Purchased at: Found just about everywhere.

This beer is usually on tap at most bars/restaurants and is always a relief when I see that lined up save the day alongside your mass-produced domestics. A nice malty beer that gets rounded out nicely by the hop bitterness. Maybe Sam’s best seasonal brew? Or is Noble Pils on top?
Pour: Amber colored pour with a nice white head.
Aroma: Kind of a nutty smell/almost nut brown ale like with sweetness of the malt and a little hop presence.
Taste: You get all sweet malts first but then rounded out nicely by the hops.
Overall: B

Eastern Iowa Residents: Everywhere! If they don’t have Sam Adams products then walk right out of the store. Would I Buy Again: This is no doubter and an always eager fall purchase.

One thought on “Beer Review #67: Samuel Adams Octoberfest

  1. The Beer Counselor says:

    I went on a quest this fall for the perfect seasonal beer. I had Great Lakes Octoberfest, Leinenkugel’s Octoberfest, Millstream’s Octoberfest, New Belgium’s Hoptober, Smuttynose’s Maibock, Sam Adams Octoberfest and a few others I can’t think of right now. After much thinking and much drinking Sam Adams stood out head and shoulders above the others. It was incredibly flavorful yet supremely drinkable. It was the only one I mourned when it could no longer be found on the shelves and I realized I would be waiting 9-10 months before I could once again enjoy it. I love the concept of the seasonal beers and dealing with my loss of SA Octoberfest by enjoying some Snow Day therapy courtesy on New Belgium.

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