Beer Review #68: New Glarus Fat Squirrel

O New Glarus, how I wish you would distribute to Iowa. Fortunately we don’t have to drive to far to get your wonderful brew. It would be nice to be able to drive to the local grocery store to grab a sixer though, but I could say that for many beers. Dan Carey continues to excel with New Glarus brewing, winning awards on a consistent basis as he continues to pump out fantastic brews. One of my favorites is their Fat Squirrel. Fat Squirrel is a nut brown ale using hazelnuts. All of the malt used in this brew come from Wisconsin. This state keeps pouring out wonderful beers and New Glarus might be the king of the hill for craft beer in Wisconsin.

Style: Seasonal/Nut Brown

ABV: 5.5%

Purchased at: Piggly Wiggly; Platteville, WI

Pour: Deep amber pour with a thick tan head.
Aroma: Smell is somewhat nutty, with maybe some brown sugar.
Taste: Nutty and sweet brown sugar rounded out nicely by the malts and hops.
Overall: B

Eastern Iowa Residents: Take a little road trip to Wisconsin and stop at the first gas station and I guarantee they will have it.
Would I Buy Again: This and all of New Glarus products.

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