Beer Review #74: O’Fallon Cherry Chocolate Beer

With the Christmas season being over and the time  on winter ales coming to an end I thought I would do a review of a beer I would consider a guilty pleasure. I would like to think that I have a pretty broad mindset when it comes to trying different beers, there are a few styles that I’m not particularly fond of and there are some that I favor but overally sweet beers are not usually my thing. Saying that, however, I do enjoy O’Fallon’s Cherry Chocolate beer during the holiday months. It satisfies my sweet-tooth craving and is also very light and refreshing.

O’Fallon ( |) makes a few sweeter beers that I do enjoy. In the summer I like to pick up a can of their Wheach and in winter a Cherry Chocolate does the trick. This beer, for me anyway, is limited to one, but it tastes great with dessert (chocolate cake) or on its own.

My first encounter with this product I immediately thought a stout or porter for sure but was surprised that it was a lighter lager. Reading further into it, it is considered a dark wheat beer. Dark wheat is coming from O’Fallon, all I taste is a chocolate covered cherry or tootsie roll; no wheat in there for me. It’s an interesting beer to try, I think you will either love it or hate it. Give it a shot; it’s only out there for a limited time.  Great to enjoy by the fireplace!

**If you liked this; try Boulevards’ Chocolate Ale! Just released!**

Style: Fruit Beer


Purchased at: Hy-Vee; Marion, IA.

Pour: Dark reddish-brown pour with a medium tan head.
Aroma: Cherry, chocolates, some vanilla. Think cherry cordial.
Taste: Cherries and chocolate, not as strong as I thought it would be.
Overall: C+

Recommendation: I think it is worth a try. If you dig cherry cordials or even Cherry Dr. Pepper or tootsie rolls, I think this could be enjoyable for you.

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