Esquire Article: Best Canned Beers to Drink Now

Found this article on Esquire released an article about the best canned beers to drink right now. After looking over the article I can easily agree on some and disagree on others.  Here’s the link:

Dale’s Pale Ale– I absolutely agree with this pick. Might be the best canned beer in America. If you get a chance to get your hands on this, you must!

Porkslap Pale Ale– I have never had this beer, but I love the brewery name: Butternuts. Makes me smile everytime.

Brooklyn Lager– Haven’t had this out of a can but I have had it in the bottle. A solid pick.

Fat Tire Amber– Hefty price for canned beer, and not nearly as good as out of the bottle. Too expensive for my tastes, my advice: Move on to something else.

Surly Cynicale– I’ve had many Surly beers and they have all been great, haven’t had Cynic yet but if it is anything like their other products; it’s a must try.

Anderson Valley Boont Bomber– Haven’t had this one yet but I’ve heard good things about Anderson Valley’s products.

Pabst Blue Ribbon– On the list because it’s cheap; there’s a lot of cheap shit out there, not sure I would put this on the list just because of the price. This list is missing quite a few good canned beers and they wasted time on this.

Simpler Times Lager– Can be purchased at Trader Joe’s for $3 a sixer and I’ve heard it is pretty solid. Actually, a lot of cheap beer and wine is available and Joe’s and has been said to be very good.

What’s missing? Some 21st Amendment ales should be on the list as well as more from Surly. Once Sierra Nevada Pale and Torpedo go to cans that will surely be a must buy. Also, Moose Drool definitely needs a spot on this list; one of the best brown ales around.

What are your thoughts? Is there something missing?


One thought on “Esquire Article: Best Canned Beers to Drink Now

  1. limpd says:

    The 21st Amendment ales are a strong addition. I would have added a few more offerings from Oskar Blues (The Old Chub, for one). Sly Fox and Sixpoint roll out an impressive canned line-up as well. You omitted Esquire’s comment on Genny Cream. Was that an oversight or did you just exercise good taste?

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