Most Influential Craft Breweries: Food Republic Article

Food Republic has generated a top ten list of the top craft breweries based on innovation and influence. Do you agree with this list? Anyone missing? Let me know your thoughts.

Personally, the only ones I cannot comment on are Ninaski and Russian River since I have yet to try any of their products, but all of the other ones listed I totally agree with. I think I would move 3 Floyds closer to the top and move New Belgium down a bit. All in all a great list. If you get  a chance to try anything from these breweries jump at the chance. Here is the complete article and breakdown. (

10. Deschutes Brewing

9. Three Floyds                                                                                     

8. Surly Brewing

7. Ninkaski Brewing

6. New Belgium

5. Dogfish Head

4. Stone Brewing

3. Sierra Nevada Brewing

2. Firestone Walker

1. Russian River

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