Distribution News: Lagunitas, Stone, Dogfish, Founders

With no reason given Stone and Lagunitas WILL NOT be coming to Eastern Iowa anytime soon. Any talks about getting their products into this area have broken off and I’m not sure when they are going to resume. While talking about these two breweries my source brought up Dogfish maybe returning to the state, if we are lucky, late next year. This is pretty good news since the demand for that brewery is so high and at one point it looked impossible that they would even be thinking of returning to the state in the next five years. So hopefully we will see that happen next year. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on any Green Flash products you need to hit up John’s Grocery. They are doing some 2 for specials right now with Green Flash. Their beer is great!

Good news: In the next few weeks look for Founders’ Breakfast Stout to be gracing our shelves. It is a fall seasonal and should be out soon. It probably won’t last long on the shelves as this is a pretty in-demand product.

One thought on “Distribution News: Lagunitas, Stone, Dogfish, Founders

  1. beercounselor says:

    Wow. DFH is a shocker. Disappointed with the other 2. I still have 1 bottle of breakfast stout from last year. Love that stuff. Probably going to buy a 12 pack if it is available.

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