Beer TV: "How Booze Built America" coming to Discovery Channel

Remember Mike Rowe from the Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs? Well he’s coming back with a new show that will be starting on the Discovery Channel September 19th. Thanks to for the following information.

“Mike Rowe is thirsty.  Really thirsty.  And after doing hundreds of dirty jobs, who can blame him?  In Discovery’s brand new three part series HOW BOOZE BUILT AMERICA, premiering on Wednesday, September 19th at 10pm ET/PT (and airing on the following two Wednesdays), host Mike Rowe takes a break from the dirty jobs…and takes a seat at the bar.

Did you know that the Puritans landed the Mayflower early on Plymouth Rock…because they ran out of beer?  Or that Johnny Appleseed was actually creating farms to sell hard apple cider?  Mike Rowe does, and he’ll walk you through all of this and more.  He’s proven that dirty jobs can be fun.  He’s ready to do the same for history.

In HOW BOOZE BUILT AMERICA, Mike Rowe will crisscross the country, stiff drink in hand and beer goggles firmly strapped on, to take an in depth and slightly unusual look at the story of our nation.  Between reenactments of actual historical events, and current day interviews with historians and experts, Rowe will make the case that alcohol is clearly one of the key ingredients that formed our culture and our country.  He’ll take viewers on a liquor fueled journey based on historical facts, such as:

  • Paul Revere actually rode from tavern to tavern on his Midnight Ride, and may have slipped in a few cold ones along the way
  • George Washington distilled his own whiskey, Thomas Jefferson brewed his own beer, and Abraham Lincoln sold booze out of his grocery stores prior to saving the Union
  • The Pilgrims gave beer to their kids – on purpose

From the Mayflower to the moon landing, from George Washington to the O.K. Corral, booze has been there every step of the way.  And that’s not just the liquor speaking.

HOW BOOZE BUILT AMERICA is produced by Karga 7.  Kelly McPherson, Emre Sahin, Sarah Wetherbee, Miriam Leffert and Jeanne Begley are executive producers for Karga 7.  Mike Rowe and Mary Sullivan are executive producers for mikeroweWORKS.   Craig Coffman is executive producer for Discovery.”


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