Guest Review by sLim: Abita Jockamo IPA

Thanks to our good friend sLim for the following review:

ABV: 6.5%

Style-India Pale Ale

Upon completing the move into my new place in Ankeny, my old roommate graced me with his presence one night and also brought over an assortment of brews as a housewarming gift. Most of them were fall seasonals but one that caught my eye was the Jockamo IPA. It’s from the Abita brewing company which is located in Louisiana just a little north of New Orleans. I know little about this brewer but I did recall that they made purple haze. I tried it once and it’s not bad but I would say there are limited occasions where you could enjoy it.  Onto the Jockamo, a decent beer. It was easy to drink for an IPA, kind of a hybrid fall seasonal/IPA. Usually I can instantly tell that I’m drinking an IPA . The hoppiness grabs my attention almost immediately but that wasn’t the case with this one. The website boasts this beer’s hoppiness but I didn’t really find that; not a bad thing if you’re not a big IPA guy like me.

Pour-An amber/red pour with a thin head that remained through most of the imbibement.

Aroma-mostly hops but with a caramel aroma and even a hint of citrus (orange perhaps?).

Taste-Good brew. Easy to drink, it goes down very well and finishes clean. It tasted like the hoppiness was overshadowed by the amber/caramel presence which almost gave it that fall seasonal kick to it.

Overall-B . Purple Haze had set the bar low in terms of my opinion of this brewer overall. But Jockamo brought it right back up to the level of respectability. I also felt a personal tie-in with them because they’re located very close to the city that is home to my favorite NFL team (who dat!). Abita also offers some of their brews in can form which is an essential for tailgating. Jockamo is definitely a beer worth a try and this brewery is for sure worth a look to anyone seriously interested in craft brewing.

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