Distribution News: Lagunitas, Oskar Blues, Odell, and……Surly??

lagunitasA great time was had yesterday at Coralville’s 2nd Annual Brrr Fest. We got to try some great beers and the turn out shows that Eastern Iowa loves craft beer! While mingling about I was able to talk to quite a few different people in the beer industry and heard some rumblings and grumblings about what we can expect on our shelves this coming year.

Lagunitas – As soon as they get their brewery in Chicago operational expect Lagunitas to land on Eastern Iowa shelves shortly after that. Patience is key here.



oskar bluesOskar Blues – This one was all but confirmed by multiple sources yesterday and it sounds promising that we can expect Oskar Blues on our shelves before summer hits.

Odell – This one is still up in the air. I talked to a few people who said they would be rolling in along the same time frame as Oskar Blues but then others heard that talks have quieted with them. Odell would be a terrific addition to the beer traffic in Iowa. odell

And last but not least….. SURLY!! They have expanded and are looking to start moving their beers outside of Minnesota is what was surlytalked about yesterday. Many sources said that it’s hopeful that we will be seeing them very soon on our shelves!

I will keep everyone posted if and when I find out more. I would love to be able to give everyone times/places/dates and confirmation on all of these breweries!

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