Restaurant Review: Copper Kettle; Dubuque, IA

copper kettle


Last week I was back in my old stomping grounds of Bellevue, Iowa and my sister had brought to my attention a new restaurant that opened in Dubuque.

She sent me a link that contained descriptions and pictures of the Copper Kettle . As soon as I saw the picture of the scotch egg I was sold. The menu looked unique and very appealing and so I headed to Dubuque salivating. The inside of the restaurant was very inviting, nice Dubuque Brewery memorabilia and a very nice bar. A somewhat open kitchen so you can see how your food is being prepped. It took a while to figure out what I wanted, I decided to start off with a scotch egg. Copper Kettle’s scotch egg is a soft-boiled egg, wrapped in italian sausage, rolled in breadcrumbs and then deep-fried. It is served with a mustard sauce and once you mix the runny yolk with the mustard sauce and take a bite, you are in heaven! A very rich dish, but very delicious as well. My main meal was a pork belly sandwich with kimchi slaw. The pork belly was fork tender and the kimchi added the perfect amount of heat and tang to the meal. I also tried my sisters kimchi chili which was excellent and the pulled pork nachos of my brother-in-law, which had homemade pickled jalapeños, were excellent as well. I did not order a beer but their tap lines left a lot to be desired, four taps with Bud Light, Stella, a Potosi brew, and the fourth I can’t recall but I did notice behind the bar a huge selection of Green Flash brews and also Bells Two Hearted, so you don’t need much else.

Here is my sisters review of the Copper Kettle:

I chose to start my meal off with one of their lunch specials of the day – kimchi chili. I had only had kimchi once before (homemade), so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this dish; however, the first bite pleasantly surprised me. The kimchi didn’t overpower the chili but it brought the perfect amount of spice and kick. I would definitely order it again. You could also tell that Copper Kettle uses a higher quality beef which I very much appreciated. My brother, the baron, ordered a Scotch Egg for all of us to try as well. I had a couple bites of this, which was all I needed. It’s a rich dish, and the flavors were outstanding. I loved the spiciness of the sausage. I found myself eating the lettuce garnish with the mustard/mayo spread on the side too. My husband ordered a plate of pulled pork nachos and we all dug in to these. You could taste the smokiness of the pork and it was incredibly tender. I think the nachos were a hit for everyone. For my main meal, I decided to order something on the lighter side to counter all of the heavy appetizers. I ordered the Greek salad. It was light and refreshing dressed with a simple olive oil dressing. The kalamata olives provided the perfect amount of saltiness. I also had a couple bites of my husband’s mushroom & Swiss burger. This was probably my favorite bite of the day – I was craving this burger a couple days later.

 Copper Kettle is doing it right. Their menu is fairly small but every dish on it is made with the utmost quality and with incredible flavor. If you find yourself in the Dubuque area, I highly encourage you to stop by 30th & Jackson for a delicious lunch or dinner. You won’t be disappointed!

If you are in the Dubuque area and want to stray off the beaten path, away from the Applebees and Ground Rounds of the world, for a great cooked meal,  you need to try Copper Kettle!

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