Guest Review of Toppling Goliath Mornin' Delight and Assassin Release

tgMy friend, the Beer Counselor, wrote a nice little write-up on the morning in Decorah as well and I thought I would share that here. Further props for one of the best breweries in the business:

I just want to take a moment and echo the Baron’s words. We walked in the door and were greeted by high fives and excitement from the employees who undoubtedly had a long day ahead of them. The owner was there. He shook our hands and literally thanked us for coming. He asked if we had been able to get some Dorothy’s new world lager in our area. He also let us know we could get a free sample of Assassin before we bought it. Try to imagine Three F’s offering up a sample of DL before you put your money down. (No intended disrespect to Three F’s they could do that at DL day but I have a hard time imagining it) The people of TG were first class all the way.
The beer was simply amazing. I was first drawn to TG by their high quality line of hoppy beers. Golden Nugget, Pseudo Sue and Millenium Falcon are among my favorites. I was happy to have a brewery in Iowa making world-class beers that would make anyone envious. I had high hopes for the stouts but wondered going in if they would be a one trick pony with a gift for hops. My first sip of Morning Delight blew me away!!! I sat in amazement and sipped that beer. I have never experienced flavors like that previously and I fell in love. I followed that beer up with a 3-4 ounce sample of Assassin and was again so impressed with the incredible flavors that burst forth. I finished with a glass of Naughty Temple and could not stop grinning like a fool. I actually left without drinking a Pseudo Sue. I never thought I could be in Sue’s lair and leave without her sweet bite.
Now if Clark reads this and finds it in his heart we would like to come back for a Kentucky Brunch release sometime.
Thanks for everything to everyone we met while there (employees and patrons) for making it a high point in my beer travels memory!

One thought on “Guest Review of Toppling Goliath Mornin' Delight and Assassin Release

  1. tbrecht says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m turning into an old curmudgeon (and having grown up in Wisconsin, remember the old more DIY version of the brewery) but I’m a little turned off by the blatant tourist-y nature of the “new” New Glarus Brewery. Looks kind of like something at Epcot Center, and man do they push merchandise on you. The beer is still excellent, of course (although I sometimes get a smugness vibe from their decision to ONLY distribute in Wisconsin). On the other hand, SW Wisconsin is beautiful so it’s worth the trip.

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