Update from Madhouse Brewing!

madhouseI just received an email from Brody at Madhouse Brewing in Newton, IA (www.madhousebeer.com) with updates regarding future releases and their upcoming concert series being held at Jasper Winery! Check it out!


I thought I would give you a heads up about some of the stuff happening here at Madhouse.  
First of all, May 1st we released our newest Venture Series addition, the Maple Nutbrown.  This beer was made with 100% Iowa Maple Syrup from Sweet Maple Farms out of Cedar Rapids.  So far, so great and it will actually hit a shelf near you today (Wed. 5/8) in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.  Its been distributed throughout much of central Iowa up to this point but will go out regional Thursday to N. Dakota, S. Dakota, and Nebraska as well.  Only around 100 cases of 22oz. Bombers will be distributed throughout Iowa so make sure and get one while you can! 
  Maple Nutbrown
{ABV: 7.8  IBU:40}
Our next brew to be released will be another Venture Series, this time a Belgian Golden Strong Ale sometime in the first half of June. 
We also currently have a batch of Barleywine that has been aging in about a dozen Cedar Ridge Single Malt Whiskey barrels for a few months now.  In addition to the whiskey barrels we decided to use 2 of our Port barrels from Jasper Winery to age a very limited edition of this brew. Both will be limitedly released sometime after July and before November depending on how the aging unfolds.  This beer is going to be in the ABV 10 range and based off initial tasting results will be quite a treat.  
Alongside our upcoming brews, we are kicking off our Summer Concert Series in conjuction with Jasper Winery starting May 16.  Each Thursday night this summer we will have a live band playing out in front of Jasper Winery in Des Moines and will be featuring beer from Madhouse and wine and sangria from Jasper Winery. All the shows are free admission.
Hope this gives you a little insight!

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