Tailgating Beers 2013

8bitAs another Iowa Hawkeye football season approaches I sit here wondering what happened to all the talk of Bells canning their beers or Founders All Day IPA hitting shelves. I was banking on Founders All Day IPA being my go to this tailgating season, but the delay in the canning and then the delay in the distribution leaves Iowa without it for now. So, what other options do I have? I know some people are rebels and take in bottled beer, I personally, find that to be a pain in the ass. Bottles take up more rooms, can break, and are more difficult to dispose of. I know Founder’s Centennial is coming out and I haven’t had anything from Okoboji Brewing or Wild Onion yet so that’s why they aren’t on there. Anything I missed, feel free to comment!

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So let’s breakdown what craft beer we can find in cans and whether or not it could make for a tailgating option. These are beers we can find in Eastern Iowa:

*Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat -4.2% ABV –  Is this considered craft now that AB-Inbev owns it? I don’t think it is but it is better than slugging pack 30 BMC products. Not my favorite, but a step in the right direction.

*Great River Brewing 483 Pale Ale – 5.3% ABV – definitely a solid choice. Supporting the Iowa craft beer scene and getting a solid pale ale in return. The 5.3% ABV isn’t too high, but maybe not as sessionable as some would like.

*O’Fallon Brewing 5 Day IPA – 6.1% ABV – an average IPA that might go down well when the heat is sweltering for the first game, but maybe too well. ABV is getting up there. 1 or 2 of these and then hit the lighter stuff.

*Tallgrass 8-Bit Pale Ale- 5.2% ABV – I will more than likely have some of this on hand. A couple of these will do nicely with the food and the hot day. Not too high on the ABV, which is nice for a 2:30 kickoff.

*Great River Brewing Big Cock IPA – 7.0% ABV – too heavy for this guy, but some might want to get a bit pissed quick. The name is also kind of a turn off for me.

*Samuel Adams Boston Lager – 4.9% – another one that will probably be iced in my cooler. Very sessionable and after all these years this beer still tastes good.

*Tallgrass Brewing Buffalo Sweat – 5.0% – this one might be a bit to creamy for the first few game, but once the cooler months role in, I will definitely be enjoying this for breakfast.

*Great River Dos Pistolas – 4.8% – this vienna lager might just be perfect this Saturday. Decent flavor, low ABV, pairs well with food. Might have a winner.

*Tallgrass Ethos IPA – 6.8% – as much as I would love to sit and drink this stuff this weekend, the ABV might be a bit too high, but maybe just a few?

*New Belgium Fat Tire – 5.2% – a decent pick, must not hitting my taste buds correctly at the moment.

*Tallgrass Halcyon Wheat – 5.0% – would be very refreshing for this hot weekend and the ABV would make this work well.

*Big Sky Moose Drool – 5.3% – my wife really enjoys this beer so it will be in the cooler, a nice break for the usual light beer nightmare that consumes most tailgates.

*O’Fallon Wheach – 5.1% – really good fruit beer that will do nicely this weekend. I only can do around 2 of these before the sweetness takes over.

*New Belgium Ranger IPA – 6.5% – maybe…but probably not. A good choice for an IPA, just not a tailgating beer unless 3-4 is your limit for the day which this would work great.

*Great River Redband Stout – 6.0% – same category as Buffalo Sweat, once the cooler months arrive this is great for breakfast.

*Sam Adams Octoberfest – 5.3% – might see this in my cooler as well. Always a must try seasonal and now available in cans!

*Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – 5.6% – nearing the line of too high ABV but it worked well for me last year.

I guarantee I’m leaving some great beers off this list so please let me know what I’m missing. Chances are there will be a nice mix of brews in the Baron’s cooler and more than likely some Grain Belt as well. Might sneak a few bottles in but not too many. Have a safe and enjoyable first tailgate everyone!

**Forgot Peace Tree Sidekick** Thanks for the head’s up Todd!

5 thoughts on “Tailgating Beers 2013

  1. nicheplayer says:

    You can now find Stillwater Classique at John’s, New Pi, and probably the Hy Vees in Iowa City. It’s really nice. That said, 8-BIT and the All Day IPA are as far as you need to go, IMO, for a nice session on a hot day.

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