A Trip(s) to Big Grove Brewery; Solon, IA

big groveA 10 minute drive from the Baron’s house in Mount Vernon lies the  newest endeavor biggorvesignfrom the Swift family (Red’s Alehouse, Blackstone, etc) in Solon, IA, Big Grove Brewery. I’ve been there numerous times now as it has become my destination of choice. Take a right off of Highway 1 on main street in Solon and you will see Big Grove. Usually packed and the bartenders constantly draining the tap lines with wonderful beer, this place has become a hotbed really quick.

On my visits I’ve tried and enjoyed most of the beer that Big Grove makes on site. They also have a terrific lineup of guest taps featuring some the best craft breweries in the country. I’ve enjoyed their wheat, ipa, porter, and their Dirty Little Secret which is an American strong ale with a bit of raspberry; all very good. They are constantly brewing new beers so check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Grove-Brewery/623843234297773

I also usually end up drinking a few Toppling Goliath pseduoSue’s which they’ve had on tap on multiple occasions.

As far as food goes, this might be one of the best restaurants around. I’ve enjoyed and would order again the following:
*Deviled Eggs – yes deviled eggs.
*Korean style wings and regular buffalo – the Korean wings pack some subtle heat but are so flavorful and go well with an IPA.
*Potted Pig – liked a whipped pork pate – so good with mustard and pickles (and of course beer)
*Burger – juicy and delicious
*Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich – my go to. I alway order extra housemade pickles. This is the best chicken sandwich you will ever eat.
*Pulled pork sandwich – sweet with some heat. Awesome sandwich. big gorve
*Tator Tot Casserole – Amazing!
Mac and cheese – some of the best I’ve had. My kids love it as well.

The menu constantly changes with the seasons as they try do stay local and fresh which is greatly appreciated.

Bottom line: This place is a must try. The best thing going around the area.

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