Best “NEW” Brew of the Year: Double IPA

2013Continuing on with the “best of the year”posts keep in mind these are beers that I’ve had for the 1st time ever this year and we are moving onto the double/imperial  IPA category. A very tough category to pick one winner as I had quite a few brews on my list. But, after weighing each carefully I came to a conclusion that some might not agree with, especially since Pliny the Elder did not win as I enjoyed that brew for the first time this month. Now, I’m not saying Pliny isn’t a good beer, it’s actually an excellent brew, I just happened to enjoy the one I picked a bit more.

A brewery that seems to do no wrong when it comes to beers and one that is so in demand it is hard to find anything of theirs outside of Chicago, 3 Floyds Brewery has been dominating ratings, taste buds, and the IPA/Double IPA category. With fine ales such as Dreadnaught, Arctic Panzer Wolf, and the ever elusive and constantly sold out Zombie Dust, they are top-tier in this category (and others). Just when you think that they couldn’t do any better they bring to you my Double IPA of the year…….Apocalypse Cow!

The label is what catches your eye, and if you are familiar with 3 Floyds, you know they make killer labels. Now, what makes this brew a little bit different from other double IPAs, is that it is made with lactose. Lactose is what gives milk stouts their sweet, creamy richness. I was kind of apprehensive before cracking this bottle for that reason but after that first sip all of that went out the window. Sweet, but not too much, a lot orange juice flavor for me, and the creaminess from the lactose made this a wonderfully easy drink which is relatively frightening considering the 11% abv. Some negative reviews I’ve seen have knocked the sweetness, but I didn’t think it was nearly as sweet as others said. A beer to seek out to say the least. Here’s more from the brewery:

This complex double India pale ale has an intense citrus and floral hop aroma balanced by a velvety malt body which has been augmented with lactose milk sugar. With this different take on an IPA we have brewed an ale that is both pleasing to drink and, once again, “not normal.” Cheers! 100 IBU 11.0%ABV

I dont’ see this one as often, it is only a limited release during the summer, but if you see it, but it, (actually buy as many as you can), and enjoy as much as I did.

Three Floyds2013 New Imperial IPA of the Year: Three Floyds Apocalypse Cow
ABV: 11%
Ratebeer:         99
Beeradvocate: 94

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