Great Divide coming to Iowa via Johnson Brothers

great divideA couple of great sources have told me that Great Divide is coming to Iowa and being distributed by Johnson Brothers. The official announcement should come around September 18th. More good beer to hit our shelves soon! Yeti was one of the first Imperial Stouts I’ve ever had and I had it from the source. Baseball trips to Denver would find us rushing across the street to Great Divide to enjoy a pint or 10 on their patio. Looking forward to more! Here’s more about Great Divide:


During the late 80s, Brian Dunn spent 5 years overseas building farms in developing countries.  Having grown up in a family that appreciated good food and drink, Dunn expanded his knowledge and passion for beer during his travels.  Dunn eventually returned to Colorado, started homebrewing and went to graduate school.  Upon graduation in 1993, when Denver’s craft beer scene barely existed, he set out to found what would eventually become one of America’s most decorated and celebrated craft breweries.

Beginning with a marketing study and a business plan, Dunn saw an opportunity in Denver’s Ballpark Neighborhood to brew uniquely balanced, flavorful beers.  With financial help from family, friends and a loan from the City of Denver, his dream of brewing commercially became reality in 1994.

The brewery started small and in the beginning Dunn was the only full-time employee…brewing, bottling and selling to accounts all in the same day.  As the brewery grew, the beer spoke for itself.  Dunn’s beers were balanced, flavorful and representative of a lifestyle that is uniquely Colorado.  While Great Divide’s ethos may be globally-inspired, our beers are distinctly Denver.

Since 1994 we’ve brewed all sorts of exciting beer styles, added lots of brewing capacity and we’ve assembled a great staff.  In 2001, we bought our building – which used to be an old dairy processing plant – and set out for over a decade of exponential growth.

Thanks to our 45 hardworking, creative and passionate employees, Great Divide has grown into what it is today: winner of 18 Great American Beer Festival medals, recipient of 5 World Beer Cup awards, 12th in’s 2013 “Best Brewers in the World,”’s 2013 Top Brewer in Colorado, and 7th in Beer Advocate’s 2010 “All-Time Top Brewers.”

Join us for a beer at 22nd and Arapahoe in downtown Denver. We do it because we love it – come see how.

And the beers:

3 thoughts on “Great Divide coming to Iowa via Johnson Brothers

  1. Drew says:

    Finally, we’re getting Great Divide BACK in Iowa. We did have Great Divide back in the mid 2000’s at least in Eastern Iowa. I could get it in Cedar Falls from a quad cities distributor. I had Hy-Vee special order some cases. Then they pulled out of Iowa but glad to see they’re back! Spent a Summer in Denver and fell in love with craft beer via the Great Divide tap room.

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