Wood-Aged Weekends: Presented by Madhouse Brewing Company

I just received the following email from Madhouse Brewing. The food sounds amazing and the beer sounds even better. Check it out if you are in the area!


When: Fridays, 5-9pm.

Where: Madhouse Brewery, 501 Scott Ave Des Moines, IA 50309

WhatThis winter, Madhouse will be releasing 4 barrel-aged beers in subsequent weekends, each representing a particular country of origin. These brews will be available on tap throughout the weekend of their release (Thurs-Sat), and thereafter will be available in 750ml bottles at Madhouse Brewery. (el Hefe will be distributed to select retailers on a very limited basis)

The Friday evening of each weekend, 
HoQ restaurant will be onsite serving paired dishes from 5-9pm. Food options will cost around $6 and the cuisine will draw inspiration from the featured beers country of origin. 

Feb. 20: Mussel Frites paired with High Tucker Belgian Dark Ale 

Feb. 27: Seafood Shepherds Pie paired with London Harlot English Stock Ale

March 6: Potato Fritters paired with Weak Ender Scotch Wee Heavy

March 13: Big Steak Tacos paired with el Hefe Mexican Stout

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For more info-

Brewing phone- 515-988-5535


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