Lunch at Pullman Bar and Diner; Iowa City, IA

pullmanThe latest venture from the folks at Reds Alehouse/Big Grove/30 Hop/Blackstone brings us a retro diner feel with an eclectic menu consisting of a burger to fried chicken to bone marrow. Add in a nice tap list of craft beers and the IC/CR area just got another gem of a restaurant to go to.

When any announcement that a group consisting of the Swifts are opening up a new restaurant, the excitement hits right away and your counting the days down to opening. That was the case with Pullman. My first experience was a Friday afternoon for lunch and luckily the only two seats open in the place were at the bar. Upon entering you get the feel of 50-60’s diner, from the old school stereo, the visibility of the chefs cooking up your meals, and some things on the menu with a new age twist.

photo (3)Usually when I go to a new restaurant I usually try a burger if it’s on the menu. I was recommended the burger here by a few folks on Twitter and that’s what I went with. My wife opted for the Quiche Lorraine and I was happy to see Big Grove Brewery arms race on tap. The burger was double patties with american cheese, house made bread and butter pickles and a “special sauce” which seemed like a garlic aioli. I’ve made many Top 5 lists in my day, Top 5 beers, top 5 books, top 5 movies, etc. Well, if I had a Top 5 burger from area, this Pullman Burger might be at the top, or at least close to it. Juicy burger, the sauce and cheese seem to melt together, and their hand cut fries were crisp on the outside and nice and soft in the middle. Paired with the arms race it was close to a perfect lunch. The Executive Chef is Benjamin Smart who is the chef at Big Grove Brewery so you know the meal is going to be of supreme taste and quality.

As we paid our bill I was very happy with my selection for lunch…….until I saw the fried chicken come out. My god! Two big pieces of chicken, fried until crispy as hell. I was tempted to sit back down and order but I’m trying to put a damper on my gluttony. I do know what I’m going to order next though. For all those folks waiting in line for 3 hours to get yourself some Popeyes, maybe take a trip to Iowa City and try Pullman’s fried chicken. I guarantee it will be 100 times better.

Overall, a wonderful addition to the downtown Iowa City area. The food was wonderfully prepared, beer selection was good, and the atmosphere makes you want to come back and bring friends and family next time. What’s next for this group of investors? I don’t know, but I can’t wait for the next announcement if there is one. Check out the menu items here:

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