Official Big Grove Brewery Press Release on Citra Triad!

big groveHere it is! Pretty pumped for these releases!

Big Grove Brewery. Thirsty Happens.™

For Immediate Release.

“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

December 15, 2015. On that date, my fellow Tree Chuggers, ask not what your Citra can do for you, but what you can do for your Citra.

As we review the year that is rapidly waning, we see all of the detritus from every batch of Arms Race that we’ve coaxed through our little facility. Hundreds of pounds of Citra were used, hundreds of hours were spent brewing. We’ve managed to fill some kegs, to slake some thirst, and to almost entirely fail to keep up with the amount of Pale Ale that people want.

Because we now know that we will never keep up with Arms Race, we’ve adapted to a new paradigm: “If you cannot sustain the volume, you may at least expand on the intensity.”


Arms Race Pale Ale – 6% ABV American Strong Pale Ale, hopped with Citra, Citra, and more Citra. It’s the aromatic hop bomb that you’ve all come to know and periodically drink when it’s available.

BGB-15 Minuteman – 9% ABV Double IPA. Well, we might as well use some more Citra to get the point across that there are hops in there. We’re going to build it the way we build our DIPAs: dry body, rich hops, and subtle alcohol.

Trident XII – 12% ABV Imperial IPA. How do you prevent the Cold War from going hot? Mutually Assured Desensitization.


We will launch the Triad on December 15 at 3pm. The fallout will occur on December 19 at selected Big Grove accounts, when we simultaneously open the three silos to the broader public.


The Brewery Staff
Big Grove Brewery

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