Stone Brewing Releases 2016 Calendar

Stone Pataskala Red X IPA
7.3% • 12oz 6pks & draft • Red IPA made w/special Red X malt from Germany. February – May
(5-6%) • 12oz 6pks & draft • Our first bottled wit will be a modern, unconventional spin on a classic Old World style. June – September
Stone Coffee Milk Stout
5% • 12oz 6pks & draft • A bittersweet, creamy, coffee‑laced stout. October – December

Stone Americano Stout
(8.4-9%) • 12oz 6pks & draft • Espresso American Stout, inspired by (and named after) the Americano coffee style. February – May
Mystery IPA
(8.2-8.8%) • 12oz 6pks & draft • Super unique and delicious IPA. Will be revealed late spring! June – September
Stone Xocoveza for the Holidays & the New Year
8.1% • 12oz 6pks & draft • Our awesome-to-cellar spiced mocha stout returns to herald the time of year when the joyous spirit of giving is in the air and good behavior is generously rewarded. October – December

Hoppy blonde
(4.7-5.3%) • Cans & draft • Would you expect a blonde brewed by Stone to be anything less than hoppy? Neither would we. And in cans, no less. June

2016 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine
(11-11.5%) • 22oz & draft • Our famous barley wine, this year dry‑hopped w/Pekko hops. February
2016 Dogfish Head / Victory / Stone Saison du BUFF
7.7% • 12oz 6pks & draft • The extraordinarily unique (and sometimes polarizing) rotating-between-the-breweries-every-year collaboration of three longtime friends: Sam Calagione of DFH, Bill Covaleski of Victory & our very own Greg Koch. March
2016 Stone Imperial Russian Stout
(10.5-11%) • 22oz & draft • Earning a perfect 100 score on RateBeer, this is one of our most cellarable beers. March
Stone Spotlight Series release
TBD • 22oz & draft • The result of a Stone Brewing Team competition. California release only. May
Stone RuinTen Triple IPA
10.8% • 22oz & draft • A stage dive into a mosh pit of hops. June
Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout
(13-13.5%) • 22oz & draft • This righteously flavorful, partially barrel‑aged, superhero version of an imperial stout is returning for its fourth edition. July
Stone 20th Anniversary IPA
(8-9.5%) • 22oz & draft • You can bet that our 20th Anniversary IPA will be nothing short of a monumental celebration of big‑character flavor. August

Stone 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
9.2% • 22oz & draft • The bitterness of hops traded for the bitterness of unsweetened chocolate, with flaked oats added to provide creaminess and body. January
Stone 6th Anniversary Porter
8% • 22oz & draft • Our venerable smoked porter cranked up a notch or three, owner of a superlative score of 100 on RateBeer. April
Stone 02.02.02 Vertical Epic Ale
7.5% • 22oz & draft • Originally only 300 cases were made. We’re upping it a little this time around. July
Beachwood / Heretic / Stone Unapologetic IPA (v2.0)
(8.5-9.5%) • 22oz & draft • Part reissue, part update. Our collaborators will use the original recipe as the jumping‑off point! August
Mixed 4pk: Stone 5th Anniversary IPA, Stone 10th Anniversary IPA, Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA, Stone 20th Anniversary IPA
(8-11%) • 22oz 4pk Box • Our famously seminal, groundbreaking, hoppy anniversary favorites! September
Stone 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA
8.9% • 22oz & draft • A decidedly British and royally delicious IPA, with the hops, malts and yeast all coming from the UK. October

Stone Enjoy By 02.14.16 Black IPA
9.4% • 22oz & draft • This onyx yin to our golden, freshness‑envelope‑pushing yang rewards hoppy beer enthusiasts with amazingly in‑your‑face dankness and tropical & stone fruit hop flavors. January
Stone Enjoy By 02.14.16 Unfiltered IPA
9.4% • 12oz 6pks, 22oz & draft • We don’t always have a filter, so why should our beer? The hop aromas will be even more intense in this #nofilter version of Stone Enjoy By IPA. January
Stone Enjoy By 04.20.16 IPA
9.4% • 12oz 6pks, 22oz & draft • Devastatingly dank, über hoppy and, as always, made with a fresh stash of more than 10 different hops. March
Stone Enjoy By 05.04.16 Black IPA
9.4% • 22oz & draft March
Stone Enjoy By 05.30.16 Tangerine IPA
9.4% • 12oz 6pks, 22oz & draft • Puréed tangerines introduce a hop‑pushing tang to our famously “brewed‑not‑to‑last” double IPA. April
Stone Enjoy By 07.04.16 IPA
9.4% • 12oz 6pks, 22oz & draft May
Stone Enjoy By 07.25.16 Black IPA
9.4% • 22oz & draft June
Stone Enjoy By 09.05.16 Unfiltered IPA
9.4% • 12oz 6pks, 22oz & draft August
Stone Enjoy By 10.31.16 Tangerine IPA
9.4% • 12oz 6pks, 22oz & draft September
Stone Enjoy By 11.25.16 Black IPA
9.4% • 22oz & draft October
Stone Enjoy By 12.25.16 IPA
9.4% • 12oz 6pks, 22oz & draft November

Stone Enjoy After 04.20.17 Brett IPA
7% • 750ml • Really? Cellar an IPA? Yes. Brettanomyces brings about charmingly unpredictable complexities of spice, funk, acidity and more. March
Stone Enjoy After 10.31.17 Brett IPA
7% • 750ml September

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