Coming Soon: Avery Coconut Porter, New Belgium Botanical IPA, Bell’s Special Lager

Quite a few beers will be hitting the shelves in Eastern Iowa in the coming months along with Odell joining the state in distro. On to the news:

avery.jpeg**Avery Coconut Porter** – according to this beer will become available this May and will be a rum barrel aged beer that will check in at 9.5% and come in 22 oz bottles. More from Avery and beerstreetjournal:

Avery Coconut Porter is a new entry in the brewery’s Botanicals & Barrels Series. The series recently saw the addition of another beer, Vanilla Bean Stout.

Avery Coconut Porter is a chocolatey porter, brewed with fresh coconut, and aged in rum barrels.

Rare rum barrels and an audacious amount of coconut complement the chocolatey nature of this decadent porter.

new belgium.png**New Belgium Hop Botanical Imperial IPA**- the Hop Kitchen Series continues for New Belgium as Botanical Imperial IPA is available this month and might be on draft lines now. This beer checks in at 8.5% and will be draft only release. Here’s more on this beer from New Belgium:

Then we intensified the citrusy, herbal and spicy hop flavors with a blast of essential oils from backyard botanicals basil, sage and juniper to create the freshest IPA around. A touch of dark caramel malt adds a nice cushiony bed to the sip before the beer transitions into a warming, dry finish. Taste the bounty of Botanical Imperial IPA.

bells.jpeg**Bells Quinannan Falls Special Lager – another canned offering is coming from the folks at Bell’s Brewing Company as Quinannan Falls Special Lager will be available in 12 oz cans starting in June. Here’s more from Bells:

The end result is a dry-hopped lager that possesses a crisp, dry bitterness you would expect from a German pilsner, but the use of highly aromatic Simcoe hops from the Pacific Northwest, evoke the fragrant pine forests that inspired this beer.

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