Drink This: Pulpit Rock Loopy Lynn Double IPA

IMG_0349.JPGpulpiI should have probably done a post about something a bit easier to get a hold of, but I think many Iowa beer lovers make the trek to Decorah a few times a month to get the latest and greatest for TG, so why not talk about the latest double IPA I really enjoyed that you can get in Decorah as well?

This past Friday night at Blackstone in Iowa City, there was a Pulpit Rock tap takeover. One of the newest and hottest breweries in Iowa filled the lines at Blackstone with liquid gold. I was very excited to try the Joy of Almonds, which was on nitro, and that didn’t disappoint. Sometimes I think nitro can take away from the flavor of the beer, but not for this one. The other big beer I was excited about was the special release of Loopy Lynn. Loopy Lynn is double IPA dry hopped with Citra and Eureka hops. I was lucky to even get a glass as I arrived at 5:30 for a 5:00 tapping and almost missed out (Thanks Sam!).

Loopy Lynn has that huge aromatic citra nose and the hazy golden/orange pour looks like a glass of orange juice. The beauty of this double IPA is that the flavor lasts from first sip to last swallow. Lingering flavor of grapefruit, orange, and a bit of pine from the Eureka added to the “dankness” that makes this a dangerously drinkable 8.14% double IPA.

Decorah has been a beer destination for some time now with Toppling Goliath, now Pulpit Rock adds to that trip. Make sure to stop in. This is old news for some, but make sure you stop in and try the goods at Pulpit.

Only a few places in Eastern Iowa that have had Pulpit on tap has been guest lines at Lion Bridge, Iowa Brewing Company and the folks at Need Pizza. Or, just take a drive to Decorah and indulge in both great breweries there! The hashtag from the folks at Pulpit is perfect: #stinkjuice. Drink this #stinkjuice!

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