Uinta Brewing Coming to Iowa this Month!

uinta.pngRumors and speculation have have been swirling for the last couple of weeks that Uinta Brewing Company would be hitting shelves and my sources have finally been able to confirm that they will indeed be hitting our shelves, and they will be hitting them this month so be on the look out for their beer soon!

Here’s more on this brewery:

Our founder wanted to brew the country’s best beer, so he moved to the country’s least beer drinking state. He named us after a mountain range that even people here mispronounce (you-in-tuh).

We’ve been brewing and exploring since 1993, and here’s what we’ve learned: there’s no one right way to get anywhere. What you need isn’t a well-trod path, it’s a compass to trust as you cut your own. Following ours is how we ended up in Utah, and what we found here still inspires every beer we brew.

To see what beers they offer and their release schedule check out the Uinta site here.

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