Drink This! Lion Bridge Tidbits Pale Ale

lion bridgeWarmer days bring out patio drinking beers and Lion Bridge Brewery definitely has one of those on tap right now! Tidbits is the brewery’s version of a pineapple pale ale that is made with simcoe, comet, and eukanot hops and a whole bunch of pineapple.

The nose on this beer is purely tropical. The pineapple shines but there is some grapefruit and other citrus in the nose. Mouth watering to start and then the pineapple really shines on the tongue. Definitely not overly sweet at all, fresh pineapple taste and not candied or “jolly rancher” sweetness that some beers present. This is one that would be perfect on the Lion Bridge patio while enjoying some brisket tacos. Here’s more on this brew from Lion Bridge:

We made a Pale Ale with healthy doses of Comet, Eukanot & Simcoe hops, then added an even healthier dose of unfermented Pineapple! The result is a true tropical treat!



Like I said, this beer sings lawn mower beer/warm weather beer/patio beer/driveway beer/ etc. I’m not sure how long this tropical beauty will be around so make sure you get down to Lion Bridge and have a pint or two! Warm days approach so Drink This! brew!

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