SingleSpeed “Tip the Cow Day” 2021 set for Jan. 16th!

One of the best stouts brewed in Iowa gets its own lovely day! “Tip the Cow Day” is set to take place on January 16th starting @ 9:00 a.m. in Waterloo! Here’s more details on this exciting event:

Milk Stouts, Award Winning Session Milk Stouts, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Milk Stouts, Wine Barrel-Aged Milk Stouts, Imperial Milk Stouts w/ toasted pecan and coconut, Milk Stout Ice Cream Floats……..Did we mention Milk Stout?


325 Commercial St
Waterloo, IA 50701


Saturday, January 16th, 2021
Doors Open at 9:00 AM

Let’s Talk Options.

Option #1 – Drive Thru – $65

1 2Pack – Two Cows (Bourbon Barrel-Aged)

1 500 ml Bottle – Two Cows (Wine Barrel-Aged) 

1 6Pack – Tip the Calf (GABF Gold Medal – 2020)

1 4Pack – Better than Cake (Imperial Milk Stout w/ toasted pecan and coconut)

1 Commemorative Coffee Mug

Option #2 – Beer Hall – $75

Everything listed above in Option #1 +

1 Draw of Tip the Cow, Tip the Calf, Two Cows or Better than Cake

1 Ice Cream Beer Float

An opportunity to socially distance dance (from your table / stool) to the LIVE MUSIC – band TBD

The potential opportunity to purchase additional quantities of the limited release offerings, if inventory exists


Is there a limited quantity of tickets available for purchase?

80 = Drive Thru 

60 = Beer Hall

If you elect not to purchase one you can still join us that day, but not until 11:00 AM.

Why are there only 60 on location tickets available, when you can hold over 400 people?
Oh, 2020.  For real though, it is a social distancing thing.  We want to make sure everyone is comfortable and has room to create their own 6 foot bubble away from other ‘groups’. Please be mindful of others’ space. 

At Checkout should I select “Priority’ Shipping or “Local PickUp”?
Select ‘Local PickUp’.  There is no reason to spend the extra $8.  We don’t intend to send you anything 🙂

If I decide not to purchase a ticket, but arrive at 11 AM, can I still purchase some of the limited releases ToGo?
It’s complicated.  You will not be able to get us to commit to any sort of a guarantee. 

The Wine Barrel-Aged Two Cows will most likely be sold out by 11 AM.

The Bourbon Barrel-Aged Two Cows will quite possibly be sold out by 11 AM.

The other offerings should be available in 4packs / 6packs ToGo.

When/where do tickets go on sale?
Tickets will be available to purchase through our website on CyberMonday, 11/30/20 @ 7:00AM CST.

What does the Commemorative Coffee mug look like?
Are you kidding? It’s great, have some faith. 

I went with the Drive Thru option.  When can I get my goods?
Any time between 9 AM and 11 AM that morning.  We will handle it in the same fashion we handled our scheduled pickups during the initial COVID-19 driven lockdown.  Please review ‘Overhead Map’ below.

That Overhead Map is helpful, but can you break it down a bit for me?
You bet.  Our advice is to pull onto 2nd Street and follow it around the backside of our building, circling back towards the front, and re-emerging onto Commercial Street from 3rd Street.  This will help avoid a build up of traffic on Commercial itself.  Once back on Commercial Street, continue forward until you reach the last parking spot reaching our Overhead Door area (Labeled 1A on the Map).  Stay in your car, we will greet you there, requesting to see your invoice (order #) and ID (proof of age).  From there you will pull forward to parking spot 1B. Sit back and relax while we grab your goods, and deliver them to your vehicle.

I grabbed a Beer Hall Ticket.  Anything in particular I need to know?
Three things.  One, you made a great choice.  Two, you will enter through the main building entrance / lobby / corner of 3rd & Commercial St. Three, the Diplomats are H-O-T, even in cow pajamas. 

Are Breakfast Burritos a thing?
Of course they are, beginning just after 9 AM.  The full brunch menu will go live later on in the morning.

What happens if I purchase a ticket, but I arrive at 9:45 AM?
We advise against that. Doors will open to ticket holders at 9:00 AM, but will be closed at 9:30 AM so that our staff can be focused on the party happening within our walls. Doors will open to the General Public again at 11 AM.

If I purchase a Beer Hall ticket, but due to new COVID-19 restrictions you are not allowed to open that day, then what?
In that circumstance our plan would be to transfer your purchase to the Drive Thru option, and to add a Gift Card ($10) to offset the difference in cost. 

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