Get Your Oktoberfest Fix at the Peanut Pub in Pella!

If you are loving this cooler weather and are itching for a wonderful, malty beverage, it’s time you take a trip to the lovely town of Pella and visit Duff at the Peanut Pub! Check out this Oktoberfest lineup he has on tap right now!

🥨Ayinger PrivatbrauereiOKTOBERFEST Märzen 5.8% ABV (Garage Pub)
🥨Hacker-PschorrThe traditional Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Märzen. 5.8% ABV (Garage Pub)
🥨PaulanerOKTOBERFEST Märzen 5.8% ABV (Garage Pub)
🥨SpatenOPTIMATOR The classic German dark beer, bottom fermented ’Doppel Bock’. Full bodied with a deep dark color and rich roasted malt flavor. Supposedly only available in USA, at least not in Germany. 7.6% ABV (Garage Pub)
🥨 SpatenLöwenbräu Dunkel 5.2% ABV (Garage Pub)
🥨Sierra NevadaOKTOBERFEST This rich Märzen lager features German malts for inviting aromas of honey and biscuity bread, flavors of caramel and graham cracker, and visions of sprawling beer tents. 5.5% ABV Malts:Black, Munich, Pilsner, Special Roast.Hops:Hersbrucker, Tradition.Yeast:Lager Yeast(Garage Pub)
🥨Kinship Brewing CompanyKINFEST Próst! Oktoberfest came early for us. A sweet doughy taste off the lips. Balanced and crisp with no hoppiness. A few of these and you’ll be doing the polka in no time. 6% ABV (Garage Pub)
🥨Exile Brewing Co.OKTOBERFEST Our Marzen-style Oktoberfest is back for the season! Rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness. Biscuit-like malt aroma and flavor comes through with a touch of floral notes from the German Hallertauer hops. 5.9% ABV (Garage Pub)
🥨Big Grove BreweryFIEST BIER Nothing says “fall” quite like our Bavarian-style Märzen. Celebrate Oktoberfest and the return of more pleasant Midwest weather with this crisp, amber-hued lager that features notes of malty caramel and a smooth, clean finish. With Big Grove’s Festbier, your Biergarten is anywhere. PROST 5.9% ABV (Garage Pub)
🥨Mistress Brewing CompanyOKTOBERFEST Celebrate Oktoberfest! Mistress’s new addition is a smooth, clean German Marzen that’s strong on the malts and light on the hops. Her deep copper color and just a hint of sweetness invoke deep blue skies and cooler temps. Get her before the leaves start to turn, and enjoy this Fall beauty before she’s gone! 6% ABV (Garage Pub)
🥨Lion Bridge Brewing CompanyOKTOBOT 3000 Our Imperial Märzen is a fusion brew with German and Czech roots in the recipe, as well as the name (“robot” is a word with Czech origins). Munich and Bohemian Pilsner Malt are the motherboard to this amped up version of the style, while a healthy dose of German hops provide fuel to keep it running.Finally, our 2021 version spent 7 months aging in Willett Rye Whiskey Barrels to help grease the cogs and make sure it all computes. 8.5% ABV (Garage Pub)
🥨Confluence Brewing CompanyOKTOBERFEST Oktoberfest beer was originally brewed to celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (destined to become King Ludwig I) to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on 12 October 1810. Flash forward more than two centuries and Oktoberfest is a personal favorite of head brewer, John Martin, who celebrated his marriage to Katie by buying homebrew equipment on their honeymoon … in October. We used plenty of German Munich and Vienna malt as well as CaraMunich malt to five this beer its rich, amber color and full-bodied, toasty flavor. Celebrate your favorite occasion with a mug of this delicious fall brew. Prost! 5.6% ABV (Inside pub)
🥨Gezellig Brewing CompanyDOPPLEFEST Welcome Dopptoberfest to the party! We love a good Oktoberfest this time of year but we felt the need to do something a little different. The obvious choice in our minds was a nice chewy German Doppelbock. It scratches that same malt-forward itch while cranking it up a couple notches. Big rich caramel, toasted fig, and marshmallow notes make it dangerously easy to drink. If you ask us it’s perfect for pairing with food, sitting around a fire, or accidentally setting food on fire. 8% ABV (Inside Pub)

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