Gezellig releasing 4 new brews across the state today!

A busy Tuesday in the beer newsroom as Gezellig has announced they are releasing 4 new beers to hit distro today! Be on the lookout and give them a taste! Here’s what’s coming our way:

Heavens To Betsy – Hazy IPA-
Our goal here was a divine experience. A magical juicy IPA with some of the old reliable citrusy hops and a few spunky young guns. Plus a brand spanking new yeast fabled to kick off strawberry jam notes. Citra, Ekuanot, and IA Cascade assure you the water is warm. Talus, Bru-1, and Callista hops convince you we all forgot our trunks too.

Horoscope Homies – Juicy DIPA
Aside from beer, we share a love of astrology, healing crystals, and celestial objects. Recently our horoscopes predicted we would brew an otherworldly juicy DIPA with friends and who were we to argue?
Gemini, Galaxy, and Eclipse hops are the shining stars of the show, no pun intended. Cosmic Punch yeast also pitches in to play Major Tom to our Ground Control perfectly.

Cranberry Side Dish – Fruited Sour
Fruity, festive, and enough ABV to help you truly connect with everyone and everything around you. That’s what this delightful sour beer is all about.
First we soured, then we fermented with a Kveik & Saison yeast blend, and finally we blended in just the right amount of Cab Sauv barrel-aged sour beer.
The cherry on top, if you will, was cramming this complex concoction full of cranberries, cherries, and red plums. She’s perfect for pairing around a holiday table or an excellent liquid lunch for festively fighting off scurvy.

Señor Pudín – Rice Pudding Inspired Milk Stout
Señor Pudín says whether you call it arroz con leche or rice pudding, we can all agree it’s a delicious dish!

Inspired by that truth, we used a decadently enhanced milk stout as our ring and let a baker’s half dozen of ingredients wrestle it out for pudding-esque flavor supremacy. Hopefully Tag Team would be proud.

Toasted rice flakes, milk sugar, cinnamon sticks, jumbo raisins, and vanilla beans make this bad boy a worthy option when packing a lunch seems too hard

May be an image of drink

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