Drekker, Blackstack, Humble Forager, Southern Grist, MORE, and Tripping Animals coming from Pequod!

Ectogasm Hazy IPA
Ectogasm is a juicy, hazy, and soft NE IPA brewed with Citra & Mosaic hops. 

Chonk – Spumoni

Our loveable hefty boi is back and he’s been raiding the freezer to get his smol little paws into the fancy ice cream! Chonk Spumoni Sundae Sour is absolutely stuffed with cherry, pistachios, & chocolate ice cream for that decadently delicious, tri-colored flavor. Queue the heavy breathing.⠀

Clueless Wonder 

Clueless Wonder, a double IPA brewed with Mosaic, Citra, Azacca, Cashmere, Lemon Drop, 007, and Huell Melon, is an offering to all our favorite presumptuous wanna-be cosmopolitan hacks out there. It’s super soft and smooth with big notes of melon, peach, and candied lemon.⠀⠀

Neon Phenom – IPA

Neon Phenom is a super smooth double IPA brewed with oats and spelt and hopped with an absolutely dynomite combination of Strata, Vic Secret, and Huell Melon. You’ll get notes of passionfruit, citrus, berry, and just the right amount of dankness on this one and we can’t prove it but we’re pretty sure it tastes better in one of these Neon Phenom glasses. ⠀

Braaaaaaains Blackberry/Lime (case only)

a new Braaaaaaaains! This one was blasted with blackberry & lime then we hit it with our double secret smoothie treatment of sea salt, lactose, and vanilla beans.⠀⠀

Braaaaaaaaains Mango/Orange/Banana (case only)

 This one is completely stuffed with Mango, Orange, and Banana then it got our double secret smoothie treatment of sea salt, lactose, and vanilla beans!⠀

Slang Du Jour – Peach Cobbler (case only)
Peach Cobbler Slang Du Jour Sour a la Mode is packed with peaches and conditioned on cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, granola, lactose & vanilla beans for that ooey gooey & crumbly peach cobblery flavor.

Game ready portions of Hand-Selected Mosaic, Azacca Cryo, New Zealand Nelson Sauvin & Vista, formerly Known as USDA 074. Kick one back with us on Saturday🍻

Fugazi – Italian Pilsner
Italian-Style Pils dry-hopped adoringly with Czech Kazbek. It’s the Real Deal.

Humble Bumble is finally back and better than ever. Due to the wild success last year, this year Humble Forager’s Seltzer line – Humble Bumble Buzzed Seltzers will go into 16oz cans – still 4pks.

  1. Version 1 – Blood Orange, Orange Blossom Honey, Tangerine, Staghorn Sumac Blossoms, Calamansi Lime
  2. Version 6 – Passion fruit, Rio red grapefruit, Red Dragon fruit, Hibiscus Blossom, and wildflower honey
  3. Version 7 –  Mandarin, Calamansi Lime, Mango, Chamomile flowers and Wildflower Hoeny
  4. Version 8 – Morello Cherries, Calmansi Lime, Pineapple, Honeysuckle Flowers, and Basswood Honey

Coastal Sunshine Ver1 – returns!
Version 1 returns, featuring Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Mango and Pink Guava

Chop it up! 
This 5.4% abv Brown Ale, brewed with toasted coconut🥥, hazelnut 🌰, and cacao nibs 🍫, is sweet & decadent while maintaining a light body to make it surprisingly drinkable.

Fake Hate – DIPA – Bearded Iris Brewing Collaboration 

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Bearded Iris for our 6th anniversary! This New England DIPA is brewed with Simcoe, Galaxy, and Wakatu.

Southern Crisp
Unfiltered Pilsner delicately hopped with Nelson Sauvin

Passion Fruit Guava Hill – Fruit sour Cases and Kegs 

Is a Fruited Sour Ale brewed with lactose, passion fruit puree, and guava puree! Clocking in at 5.4% abv, this Sour Ale’s sublime pairing of fruits has us craving tropical temps. 

Story Horse – Irish Style Dry Stout 
Is our brand new Irish Dry Stout crafted in honor of the upcoming Feast of Saint Patrick. St. Paddy’s is a big deal here, so we wanted to make sure we brewed the perfect companion to celebrate all things Éireann. This wee stout packs a big and flavorful roasty punch.

She’s my cherry pie – Cherry Fruit sour 
Pie-Inspired Sour Ale conditioned with Sweet Cherries, Cranberries, Almonds, Graham Crackers, Lemon Juice, Vanilla, and Milk Sugar

Board Slide – DBL IPA 
Sticking the rail as gnarly as possible is the THIRD trick of our series of IPA’s paying homage to tricks in skateboarding history, the Boardslide was popularized by the Z-boys after adapting a trick part of Larry Bertelsmann’s surfing routine. Shredding notes of floral citrus and pineapple come in brash contact with dank resin and pine 🌲💨
Double India Pale Ale Cashmere, Idaho 7, Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo

HIGH-ENA – Fidens Brewing Collab
Stalking the sandy terrains of desolate exoplanet landscapes was a spotted hyena. We slowly approached the animal with our amigos from @fidensbrewing as it began to melt upwards, defying gravity before our eyes. At the end of each molten drip appeared sweet cherries and limes unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Ever haze – Hazy IPA 
It’s a haze bomb with a rich bouquet of hops and just enough bitterness to keep it all in balance. This beer will keep you coming back with its bold and complex flavor.⁣

No Mames
Crispy -Boi mexican style lager 

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