Other Half coming via Pequod! Plus Blackstack, Humble Forager, Equilibrium, Untitled Art, MORE, and Fair State!

DDH Green City IPA
Mosaic Dream
DDH Double Galaxy Daydream
DDH Citra + Strata
DDH All Mosaic Everything
DDH Space Diamonds 
  • Murk Merchants – Highest Rated Quad IPA in the WORLD
  • Truly, Madly, Briefly TIPA

Forbidden Fortune DBL OAT IPA


Particle Physics IPA – 1/2bbl Keg Only – Killer Price

Fractal Galaxy

Strata Points IPA

18 Decillion TIPA

It’s Latin for Snake Fruit – District 96 Collab 

Fruit Float GF Sour Collab with Barn Town Brewing

Double Peach Sour

  • L2 Orbit IPA
  • Blueberry DBL Marbles
  • Vienna Lager
  • Pils

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