Drink This! Lion Bridge Home Baked

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I realize it’s only been a handful of hours since Lion Bridge released this wonderful beer to the population but as the four packs are selling like hotcakes and the tap lines are getting hit harder than…(insert your own pun) I feel the need to implore you to try to get a taste of their latest wonderful barrel aged January release, Home Baked.

IMG_1070 (1).JPG

A barrel aged imperial stout with saigon cinnamon, cocoa, and hazelnuts that clocks in at 11% and drinks like it’s around 6. The booze is well hidden, the hazelnuts shine as the beer warms and this is the perfect beer for a month that most Iowans would like to skip over. Grab a draw, grab a four pack, and find a nice fire place to sit and sip my friends. Cheers Quinton, Alec, Ana and crew!

Lion Bridge still has many beers up their sleeve for barrel aged January, but man, they came out swinging with a heavy hitting knockout to start. Like I said earlier, I’m not sure how long this one will last, so if you get a chance, get a taste and drink this brew!

Lion Bridge releasing 5 new canned beers

lion bridge

Lion Bridge Brewery out of Cedar Rapids will be canning what looks like 5 new beers this coming January during their “Barrel-Aged January” and they all sound terrific. Coming off hot releases of Spice Must Flow and Majestic Beast, they will be canning their popular Gazprom, Home Baked, Disaster at Maui, Beer at Work, and then a secret release beer that they are teasing. Here’s more on these new canned brews:


gazprom*Gazprom!: Every January this is a highly anticipated beer release in the state of Iowa and Lion Bridge just made it even better buy offering it in 4 pack cans. In the past Gazprom! checked in at around 12% ABV and will probably be right around that mark again. I’m super excited for this one as this is one of my favorites.

beer at work.png

*Beer at Work: Another hazy IPA that’s going to be brewed with Vic Secret and Ella hops.


*Disaster at Maui: what sounds like their popular Disaster at the Meux base that will have the addition of coconut, cacao nibs, and coffee. Sounds like the perfect dessert for me!

home baked.png

*Home Baked: another imperial stout coming to cans that is brewed with hazelnut, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, and everyone’s favorite ingredient…love!

And the fifth would be the super secret release which will no doubt but just as good as the rest. Barrel-Aged January is coming soon folks, I hope to see you down at Lion Bridge sipping on some greatness. A special thank you to Lion Bridge for making the month of January in Iowa much more tolerable because of your wonderful beer releases.

Lion Bridge Announces Week 1 of Barrel Aged January 2019!

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What has become one of my favorite events of the year is starting to take shape. Lion Bridge Brewing has started to announce their lineup for the 2019 barrel-aged January releases. What is usually an awful month in Iowa has become much more tolerable thanks to the fine ales that Lion Bridge gives us every week!

WEEK 1: Big Smoosh

Here is Barrel-Aged January Week 1!!

Dr. Z’s Experiment brings the funk and is going to pair beautifully with the intense and robust flavor of Big Smoosh, our take on an almost forgotten about style of strong ale from long time ago Germany, the Adambier.

Big Smoosh is named after Brewer Robert’s mysterious and charismatic feline friend. This 9% strong dark ale was aged in whiskey and port barrels for 5 months with sour cherries. The result is a little smokey, a little tart, and a lot of awesome. Very excited about this new addition to the January line-up.

More ongoings at Lion Bridge:

Food Special for the week is Cherry BBQ Short Rib tacos with house Slaw.

Friday is our First Firkin Friday and we take Big Smoosh and add graham cracker and even more cherry to make a slightly more confectionary version of the original.

Sunday will be a teaser for our next Barrel-Aged January Beer, Home-Baked. Get a taste of the one-off before the full release the following Wednesday! This one is going to be a beaut.

Stay-tuned as we release the rest of the month during the course of next week!


3 Iowa Beers to Drink Now!

beerbaronI couldn’t do just 1 Drink This! edition this time around as the state of Iowa is sending out so much great beer I had to do three! As we approach the 2017 Coralville Brrr Fest and with the program released this past week anticipation is mounting for ticket holders to get a taste of Iowa’s finest breweries and beers. Within the last 5 days I’ve had the opportunity to try 3 amazing beers from 3 amazing Iowa breweries. So here are three beers the you have to DRINK NOW!

img_0990**Big Grove Brewery – Buster Triple IPA** – Buster released this past Tuesday and I knew for sure I had to hit Big Grove and try this baby fresh. Mosaic hops shine with flavors of juicy fruit gum, tropical fruits, and some grassiness. A wonderful dank ass triple IPA. There is one thing that can be bad about this brew…it’s scary drinkable. An 11.4% ABV triple IPA can definitely put you on your ass if you don’t pay attention! This might arguably be the best or one of the best double/triple IPAs in the state. Follow this link to see my post on where it will be available and they also just hit the Cellar Peanut Pub in Pella with a hell of a lineup! So good, can’t wait for another glass! Cheers Big Grove!


IMG_0992.JPG**Lion Bridge Brewery – GAZPROM 2017** – I’ve been waiting for this release since last year. Lion Bridge takes the shitty, dark, long ass month of January and makes pretty damn enjoyable with their Barrel-Aged January releases. A new release, every week, for the month of January and all barrel-aged beers. I’ve loved the Winter Warmer and the Royal Wee but the big dog for me is GAZPROM!. The sweetness from the syrup is the perfect balance to booziness from the barrels. I say this a lot but this is a top-tier beer for me….maybe top 10? Top 5? Either way, I can’t wait to have more of this and thank you Quinton and Alec and Lion Bridge for making January tolerable!


img_0994**Madhouse Brewery – VIP Barrel Aged Vanilla Porter** – was happy my Mt. Vernon Road Hy-Vee had a few bottles of this, wasn’t sure if we would see it all. I had been hearing good things coming from the fine beer folks in Des Moines and was hoping to land one of these. I’ve been hit and miss with vanilla added to my beers. Sometimes I dig it when it’s not over they type vanilla extract and with Madhouse VIP I’m really digging it. The slight sweetness from the vanilla pairs with the barrel and just a faint hint of cigar smoke on the aftertaste. Viscous, tasty, and warming. An excellent companion to a chilly January evening.

There you go Iowa. Three newer beers for you to try. Hopefully all 3 make it somewhere close to your area and you get a taste, and hopefully you enjoyed them as much as I did/do! Cheers!

Barrel-Aged January Returning to Lion Bridge Brewery

lion bridgeIt used to suck to have a birthday in the month of January, but thankfully Lion Bridge Brewery just turned what is usually a shitty, cold, dark, month into a glorious, beer-filled month! Lion Bridge Brewery in Cedar Rapids just released the details on their Barrel-Aged January releases and lineup looks outstanding. These are going to be some can’t miss beers folks so I hope you get to try as many as possible. Here’s the release deets courtesy of Lion Bridge’s Facebook page which you can view here:

You have all patiently waited for the past year. We have been carefully filling barrels and planning how best to counteract the frigid month of January with soul-warming beers.

Here’s the lineup for 2017’s Barrel Aged January:

Tues 01/03 – CSA member private event. This event is for members only. If you aren’t a member of the our Community Supported Ales Program, be sure to get one for you or as a gift for your loved ones for the holiday. It’s the gift that keeps on giving: http://www.lionbridgebrewing.com/store/
*Lion Bridge Barrel-Aged January 2017 Rastal glassware for pre-sale!

Wed 01/04- Winter Warmer (English Old Ale aged in Templeton Rye Barrels, 10.5%) – A big, complex beer that is sure to warm the cockles of your heart. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want their cockles warmed?
*Featuring live acoustic music 6-9pm from Kevin Burt, Brett Messenger & Ben Soltau

Wed 01/11-Barrel-Aged Click Bait – (Double IPA kissed by Whiskey Barrels, 9%) – 3 short weeks in Cedar Ridge barrels contributes slight vanilla and whiskey characteristics, but a big dry-hop post aging produces a unique addition to our barrel-aged line-up.
*Featuring live music 6-9pm by Devin Scott The Duke of Uke

Sat 01/14- Sour Cherry Ale (6%)- A low-hopped version of our Kundera Kölsch went into 2 wine barrels dosed with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus and almost 100lbs of sour cherries. Here it is!

Wed 01/18- The Royal Wee (Strong Scotch Ale aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels, 9%)- A Strong Scottish Ale that is malty, rich, and slightly smokey.
*Featuring Lion Bridge Barrel-Aged January 2017 Rastal glassware giveaway!

Wed 01/25- GAZPROM! (Russian Imperial Stout aged in Buffalo Trace Barrels, 12%) – Viscous and black. After primary fermentation this oily, Russian giant is re-fermented with dark maple syrup in bourbon barrels then blended back together to add consistency and complexity. 2016 GABF Bronze Medal Winner for Specialty Beer!
*Featuring live music 6-9pm by Cedar County Cobras

Sat 01/28- 2015, 2016, 2017 GAZPROM! Vertical @ 3pm along with a keg of an unoaked GAZPROM!

Cheers and hope you can join us for a great January!