Lion Bridge Announces Week 1 of Barrel Aged January 2019!

lion bridge.jpg

What has become one of my favorite events of the year is starting to take shape. Lion Bridge Brewing has started to announce their lineup for the 2019 barrel-aged January releases. What is usually an awful month in Iowa has become much more tolerable thanks to the fine ales that Lion Bridge gives us every week!

WEEK 1: Big Smoosh

Here is Barrel-Aged January Week 1!!

Dr. Z’s Experiment brings the funk and is going to pair beautifully with the intense and robust flavor of Big Smoosh, our take on an almost forgotten about style of strong ale from long time ago Germany, the Adambier.

Big Smoosh is named after Brewer Robert’s mysterious and charismatic feline friend. This 9% strong dark ale was aged in whiskey and port barrels for 5 months with sour cherries. The result is a little smokey, a little tart, and a lot of awesome. Very excited about this new addition to the January line-up.

More ongoings at Lion Bridge:

Food Special for the week is Cherry BBQ Short Rib tacos with house Slaw.

Friday is our First Firkin Friday and we take Big Smoosh and add graham cracker and even more cherry to make a slightly more confectionary version of the original.

Sunday will be a teaser for our next Barrel-Aged January Beer, Home-Baked. Get a taste of the one-off before the full release the following Wednesday! This one is going to be a beaut.

Stay-tuned as we release the rest of the month during the course of next week!


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