Reds Alehouse Tapping Bell’s Hop Grandslam Tuesday April 19th

redsIf you are a Hopslam lover then this is right up your alley and will be a can’t miss event. Red’s Alehouse in North Liberty is bellsreceiving 1 of the 3 kegs supplied to Iowa from Bells of their Hop GrandSlam! Hopslam dry hopped and more honey added, it comes in at 10.5% and Reds wants to try to set their personal best record of emptying a keg. Can 14 minutes be topped? Here’s more from Reds on this exciting event!

Most likely, the majority of you know of a little beer made by Bell’s known as Hopslam.  But, we’re guessing the majority of you have not heard of
The first year Bell’s has made this mystery beast of a beer, it’s Hopslam dry-hopped at twice the rate and even more Michigan honey and coming in at a whopping 10.5%.  The kicker?  Only 3 kegs were sent to this state.
So, what should we do with it?  Obviously, throw a party!
April 19th, we’re hoping to break our personal best time of emptying a keg from start to finish!  Can we finish this keg in under 14 minutes?  We sure gosh-darn think so!  But we need your help!
To even further incentivize you to show up and help us, we’re tapping the following the same day:
Bell’s The Wild One
Bell’s Barrel Aged Consecrator Dopplebock
Milchkaffee Milk Stout

Update: Dates for Oskar Blues and Hopslam in Eastern Iowa

hopslamiaWell, it looks like we may be waiting a tad longer for Oskar Blues and Hopslam to hit our shelves in Eastern Iowa. I just saw a tweet from Johncy’s Liquor Store in North Liberty:

Hopslam February 2nd. Oscar blue January 27th

If you hear of any other places with different release dates please let me know. I’ve heard rumors of Oskar Blues cans at certain locations but haven’t confirmed. Cheers!

Coming Soon to Shelves: Hopslam, Central Waters, Rogue, New Belgium, Oskar Blues

Some new beers should be making their way to Eastern Iowa shelves very soon. The yearly anticipated release of Bells Hopslam, Central Waters Bourbon Barrel aged stout and possible cherry variant, Rogue releasing a spring pumpkin beer and New Belgium coming out with a porter for spring. Here we go:

hopslam**Bells Hopslam** – the annual release should be hitting our shelves in the next week or two. It will be interesting to see how the sales go as l saw last years $19.99 six packs sitting for a while in a few stores.

**Central Waters Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout**- a highly anticipated release from stoutCentral Waters is now available while supplies last. I saw Johncey’s in North Liberty post that they had it but it would be gone relatively quick. If you are lucky enough to find some, snag it up, it ages well and this is an underrated brew. Going off of that, rumor has it some Iowa accounts might see the bourbon barrel-aged cherry variant of cherrythis brew. I cannot confirm this but have heard rumblings. This would be a most welcome beer, as I’ve longed to try it!

**Rogue Pumpkin Savior Ale** – Rogue will be releasing this witbier that uses pumpkins that had been frozen from their fall harvest for the spring of 2015. More on this beer from

Created with pumpkins grown at rogue farms in 

pumpkinIndependence, Oregon. This year we had an abundant harvest that left us with extra pumpkins after we brewer  pumpkin patch ale. So rather than let our precious pumpkins rot in the field we decided to save them by freezing them whole and brewing a spring pumpkin wit.

Rogue Pumpkin Savior Ale will be available of 750ml bottles in Spring, 2015.

Style: WItbier (w/ Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Ginger, Cloves)
Availability: 750ml bottles
Arrival: Spring, 2015

portage**New Belgium Portage Porter** – this beer will be hitting the shelves soon and will be available through March. Here’s more from

With New Belgium Brewing so close to the Cache la Poudre river, there’s a lot of us at the brewery that love to kayak and paddle,” said New Belgium’s Collaboration Business Analyst, Tye Eyden. “This time of year is great because the snowmelt begins and the rivers start to rise. But, often times, that will bring precarious conditions and rapids that we might have to portage around. Portage Porter pays tribute to that awesome experience – the obstacles are part of the fun!”

**Oskar Blues PINNER Throwback IPA** – this beer will be available this month, but with the rollout of Oskarpinner Blues in Iowa so fresh, I’m not sure when we will see it. Dry hopped with many different hops including a new variety, this “session” IPA comes in at 4.9%. Hopefully we see it soon!

**If you see any of these beers available please drop me a line and let me know where! Cheers!**

Hopslam Rollout News; Oskar Blues distributions news (not good)

hopslamEastern Iowa, we are not too far away from Hopslam! releases! Here’s the latest from Bell’s and Reds Alehouse. The following comes from Bells Brewery blog.

Hopslam will start shipping to areas in Michigan the week of Jan. 6. It will begin shipping to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Missouri, Ohio and Arizona the week of Jan. 13. It will then start shipping to Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Kentucky and Pennsylvania the week of Jan. 20.

Wanting to hit a Hopslam! party? Here’s what Reds Alehouse in North Liberty has in store! (Credit @chinslovesiowa for the pic. Or visit Flannigans in Coralville.


oskar bluesIn other Eastern Iowa beer news. Another big time brewery’s first quarter release has somehow left Iowa on their distribution map, but hopefully this is one we see sooner than later because they are pumping out some of the best beers around. Here’s more from Oskar Blues:

 Oskar Blues Brewery has announced a handful of new market launches right out of the gate for 2014. First quarter new markets include a re-introduction to Idaho (Craig Stein Beverage), Minnesota (Original Gravity group of distributors), Kansas, Nevada and Delaware, along with increased distribution in southern Alabama.

This announcement follows a 37 percent (32,000 bbls) increase in 2013 while adding Michigan and Indiana. Oskar Blues also filled distribution voids in Central California, Eastern North Carolina and the balance of Tennessee and Kentucky in late summer of 2013.

Oskar Blues Brewery packaged 59,000 bbls in 2011 and doubled that production, reaching over 119,000 bbls in 2013. That growth has been fueled by the addition of the second Tasty Weasel Taproom and Brevard, NC, brewery, which began brewing in December 2012. The Oskar Blues Brevard Brewery shipped more than 46,000 bbls in their first year of operation as East Coast distribution grew throughout the year.

In addition to capacity increases, Oskar Blues added key player Lou Romano as National Sales Director in October and promoted Chris Russell to Business Development Director, in preparation for 2014. These two industry veterans lead a staunch group of regional managers and a sales force that has grown to over 45 strong.