Reds Alehouse Tapping Bell’s Hop Grandslam Tuesday April 19th

redsIf you are a Hopslam lover then this is right up your alley and will be a can’t miss event. Red’s Alehouse in North Liberty is bellsreceiving 1 of the 3 kegs supplied to Iowa from Bells of their Hop GrandSlam! Hopslam dry hopped and more honey added, it comes in at 10.5% and Reds wants to try to set their personal best record of emptying a keg. Can 14 minutes be topped? Here’s more from Reds on this exciting event!

Most likely, the majority of you know of a little beer made by Bell’s known as Hopslam.  But, we’re guessing the majority of you have not heard of
The first year Bell’s has made this mystery beast of a beer, it’s Hopslam dry-hopped at twice the rate and even more Michigan honey and coming in at a whopping 10.5%.  The kicker?  Only 3 kegs were sent to this state.
So, what should we do with it?  Obviously, throw a party!
April 19th, we’re hoping to break our personal best time of emptying a keg from start to finish!  Can we finish this keg in under 14 minutes?  We sure gosh-darn think so!  But we need your help!
To even further incentivize you to show up and help us, we’re tapping the following the same day:
Bell’s The Wild One
Bell’s Barrel Aged Consecrator Dopplebock
Milchkaffee Milk Stout

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